Dentacoin on Swipe.Online Exchange Listing

Dentacoin, a well-renowned cryptocurrency which aims to unite the dental community from across the world using the features provided by the nascent blockchain technology, recently got its support from Swap.Online, which is a browser-based multicurrency wallet. Swap.Online supports peer-to-peer atomic swap exchange facility at its core and this is what makes this a great news for the Dentacoin platform.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding this listing, Dentacoin stated:

We’re happy to make another step forward towards better exchange opportunities for our community. There are more great prospects on the horizon and we are excited for what is to come.

The exchange listing marathon of Dentacoin continues on with Swap.Online taking the recent spot. It has become the twenty-sixth exchange which is now supporting Dentacoin for exchange.

On the Swap.Online platform, Dentacoin is being supported against 16 other digital assets. These 16 assets include BXB, JOT, NOXON, EOS, USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH, SWAP, LEV, SYC, DRT, ARN, GUSD, KN and YUP.

Swap.Online boasts its exceptional exchange speeds and processing times. On average, it outperforms the exchanges which are already present by 2 to 10+ times in terms of speed. Usual processing times that are provided by this exchange are from 60 to 120 seconds.

Swap.Online is a totally and decentralized and anonymous platform and the users do not have to go through hectic procedures of registration. It also does not store the keys of the users. Swap.Online employes IPFS protocol at its core and as a result, the messages between users are not passed through the servers of the platform.

Another feature that the exchange supports is being KYC/AML neutral. As a result of this, nobody has the authority and power to block transactions, put orders on hold and freeze assets.

As more and more exchange listings are being done Dentacoin, it moves closer to its ultimate vision of forming a global community of dentists and patients.

Recently, Dentacoin also got listed on CoinSwitch, CoinHub and Bitibu Exchange as well. It has also been expanding its global reach by leaving its footprint across various countries. India, Germany, Argentina, Pakistan, USA, Australia, Italy etc. are some of the countries where Dentacoin has left its marks. With so many major countries already in its ecosystem, it remains to be seen how many more countries Dentacoin is going to target.

The official blog post made by Dentacoin regarding this listing can be found here.

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