Dentacoin Gets Listed on CoinSwitch

Dentacoin, an ethereum-based project aimed at providing a review platform for the dental community across the globe, has gotten listed on CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch is a digital asset trading platform that currently supports over 275 cryptocuurrencies for trading with more than 45000 possible trading pairs.

On CoinSwitch, Dentacoin will now be available for trading against 165 other crypto assets. A transaction free of between 0% to 0.75% is applied by CoinSwitch, which depends upon the platform used for performing a particular transaction.

CoinSwitch also integrates digital asset trading platforms like ShapeShift, Changelly, KuCoin, HitBTC, Bittrex etc. In addition, CoinSwitch provides the users with the facility to analyse relevant trading data as it keeps a comprehensive database for every coin that is listed on it. In order to get the users familiarized with a project, CoinSwitch also maintains information about the project’s basics, technological features, guides, market trend, asset differentiation and roadmap.

Dentacoin’s CoinSwitch listing comes off as great news for its community as it signifies more support across the market. It is essentially a blockchain-based review platform for the dental community across the globe. It provides an unbiased and a transparent platform for the dental health care community. Users who participate in making this community better also get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Patients and doctors both form an overall healthy ecosystem benefiting each other in a win-win scenario. Running on smart contracts, a transparent ecosystem is ultimately provided to the users. The mission statement of Dentacoin states:

The Dentacoin Foundations’ core missions are to improve the quality of dental care worldwide, reduce treatment costs and create a dental community. The Dentacoin Token was created to help assist the Dentacoin Foundation with the above mentioned missions by giving power to the people. Dentacoin focuses on developing a number of tools, each one targeting a different sector of the dental industry. Individuals who use and implement these tools will receive Dentacoin Tokens as a reward, which they can later use to pay for their dental treatment or to purchase dental products.

Although Dentacoin has not been performing really well as compared to the other cryptocurrencies, evident from its current market value, it surely helps the dental community across the world. With support from CoinSwitch now added, let’s see how things pan out for Dentacoin moving forwards.

The complete blog post made by Dentacoin regarding CoinSwitch listing can be found here.

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