• Abeer Anwaar

    Abeer holds a Bachelors degree in Media studies and covers blockchain startups for BlockPublisher. An optimist, excels in the art of the written word and swears by the joy of all things sweet. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Ahsan Khalid

    News editor of BlockPublisher, an Electrical Engineer with majors in software development. I present forward my insight on the latest happenings of the blockchain world. All views on my articles are my own. Email: or
  • Chris Sealey

    Chris started his career as a journalist on regional UK newspapers, before moving to the Daily Mail as a reporter and news editor. He has also worked for the BBC Online’s UK news desk and has covered everything from General Elections to the London terrorist attacks. He now works in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
  • Collins Valentin

    Collins is a blockchain enthusiast, who spends his time between documenting the blockchain revolution in Africa, and writing the latest on the cryptocurrency space. Collins contributes guests posts to BlockPublisher. Email:
  • Fatir Malik

    Electrical engineer by profession, turned into blockchain developer. Fatir contributes regularly with his insights about latest developments in fintech sector. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Muhmmad Furqan

    Furqan is a financial markets expert. A regular trader of cryptocurrencies and hold some investments in Bitcoin, Stellar, IOTA and OST. Contributes with latest industry insights. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Habibah Shahid

    A Computer Science student but a writer at heart. Habibah writes about Cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology, Blockchain, with the perspective of a Computer Scientist. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Hammad Tariq

    Hammad is the co-founder and editor of BlockPublisher. Holds a masters degree in embedded digital systems with deep knowledge of software development. Email:
  • Hassaan Malik

    Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan holds investment positions in bitcoin and other large-cap cryptocurrencies. Email:
  • Jaudat Sulehri

    A management student, sports enthusiast and a writer. Jaudat gives his insights on the cryptocurrency in the world of trade and blockchain technology in particular. He also holds investments in XRP and BCH. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Khunsha Javed

    A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: or
  • Maira Zaheer

    I love to write and channel my feelings into words. I'd like to quote my favorite author and poet. Who has taught me every word matters. “let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences” - Sylvia Plath. I'm here to fill your lives with some crypto-gossip. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Malaika Iqbal

    Young aspiring individual, writing what matters to the millennials. Contributes guest posts to BlockPublisher with industry news & emerging startups in the blockchain space. Email:
  • Mike Ben

    Mike is a cryptocurrency enthusiasts and writer. The cryptocurrency world has become his primary interest, with movies and books, some of his favorite pastime activities. He's an investor in some blockchain projects; VeChain, Stellar Lumen, Gifto, Cardano, Bitcoin and Cindicator. Mike contributes guests posts to BlockPublisher & can be connected over Twitter or email
  • Mohammad Shazil

    A Riverside, CA born Electrical Engineer who bears the passion to write over every happening around. A crypto zealot. Shazil is the sub-editor of BlockPublisher news. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Noefal Ahmed

    Software developer, graphics artist and crypto enthusiast. Noefal is a performing artist and covers blockchain startups for BlockPublisher. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Nusrat Ullah Roomi

    Nusrat is a management student with a keen eye on the world of blockchain, digital currencies, music and sport from a marketer's perspective. Nusrat brings insights of business applications to report news around the blockchain space. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Qirat Ayaz

    Passionate about robots and how the robotics is changing everything around us. Writes about startups in the blockchain space. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Razi Khan

    Researcher, Electrical Engineer and a teacher, Razi is one who takes great intrigue in the prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies (BTC in particular) while contributing a critical approach over the subject regularly. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Rubab Haider

    Guest contributor at the BlockPublisher. Email:
  • Sarim Mehmood

    An electrical engineer to be. Sarim is a blockchain & crypto enthusiast and an early investor in ETH and Ethereum based projects. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Shehryar Hasan

    Performing artist, guitarist and sub-editor at BlockPublisher. Shehryar is an electrical engineer and blockchain enthusiast. He holds investments in bitcoin, ethereum, OST, TRX and Ripple. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Soha Ali

    As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Email: or contact the editor at
  • Vishesh Raisinghani

    Vishesh is a self-processed geek and an expert in all things finance. He has experience writing on a wide array of industries, specializing in business, finance, technology, cryptocurrencies, macroeconomics, and real estate.
  • Waqqas Alvi

    Founder of BlockPublisher, an entrepreneur obsessed with finding answers to the hard problems. Deep into blockchain technology to learn, understand and apply it for global innovation. Waqqas conduct interviews of founders in the blockchain space and reports the solutions they're providing to the real world problems. Email: