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Blockchain has had a great impact on every single emerging industry. Whether it is Fintech, supply chain or the entertainment industry, every one of them has found a purpose for blockchain. It has also aided the healthcare industry in more ways than can be counted. One of these healthcare platforms that has incorporated the use of blockchain is Dentacoin.

Dentacoin is a blockchain based Dental care application that allows the patients to review the services provided by multiple dental centers. The distributed ledger technology provides the means of generating a review that cannot be tampered with. This is a valuable tool for many patients that require dental checkup, in order to choose a dentist or a dental center that will fully cater to all their dental necessities. This platform aims to improve the quality of dental care accessible to people all over the world and reduce treatment costs as well. Dentacoin also provides incentives to users for the valuable criticism they publish in the form of its very own crypto token, the Dentacoin.

Dentacoin also intends to introduce a number of tools through its platforms to cater to the dental needs of individuals, who can benefit by being rewarded with Dentacoin tokens, which can be utilized for a dental checkup in a dental clinic registered with Dentacoin. A detailed description of all services provided by Dentacoin has been provided on its whitepaper.

The core team of Dentacoin consists of highly qualified and competitive individuals who have come together to provide this innovative distributed network. The Founder of Dentacoin Foundation is Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev who has more than 27 years of experience in the field of finance. One of the co-founder is the economist Philipp Grenzebach. The person in charge of the development of the core technology embedded in Dentacoin is Jeremias Grenzebach who has also made invaluable contributions to the prominent cryptocurrencies, namely, Ethereum and Zcash. A couple of highly qualified dentists having extensive experience in the respective field and emerging technology enthusiasts are also a part of the core team which include Dr. Dimo Daskalov and Dr. Ivan Peev.

The Dentacoin has been designed in order to freely express their view about the services of a particular dentist. This is an invaluable tool for dentist to get feedback from their patients and make adjustments and improvements that are suggested by reviewers. Most importantly it will entirely diminish the role of middlemen, who can edit reviews or delete the bad ones. The reviews are transparent and once they are stored on the blockchain, they cannot be manipulated or removed. This is truly a guidebook for patients who want to refer to a dental hygienist that holds exceptional reviews. A reward will also be accumulated by the patients who successfully provide a review, which can be afterwards be spent for a dental checkup.

Dentacoin supports two kinds of reviews for each institution. Trusted ones which are reviews from a person who has actually been to the dentist and the standard ones from the person who has not. The trusted reviews are also highly incentivized as compared to the standard reviews. In order to ensure that the trusted reviewers have actually been to that particular dental center, they are requested to provide their email address, upon their visit, to which an email containing a reviewing link in attached. By this distinction, the potential clients can carefully assess the status of every dentist and make an informed decision about consulting dental help.

The services provided by Dentacoin are not limited to reviews, they have also developed a mobile application that is designed to help people take care of their dental hygiene. This application derives its users to maintain a good oral health and is particularly extremely helpful for children through a program of 3-months. During this period, the user is reminded, notified and persuaded to follow a number of actions to maintain a good oral health. In addition, they also plan to introduce DentaVox, a tool for collecting opinions about various dental hygiene topics. This can accumulate the market research data for dentists, suppliers and manufacturers and distribute incentives to the people making the generous contribution of their opinion and time.

In the future, Dentacoin also plans to implement a medical record holding blockchain platform that would diminish the role of a middlemen as well as generalize all the past medical records.


A total of 8 trillion Dentacoins have been generated which are pre-mined. The Dentacoins are ERC-20 tokens, and the platform is supported by the Ethereum blockchain. The public pre-sale was held last year in July, in which 1% of the total coins were sold, whereas the first token sale of Dentacoin held later that year hard capped at 3% of the total supply.


So far, the token sale of Dentacoin has ended along with the creation of Dentacare. However, the supply of Dentacoin has not been completely exhausted yet. The trusted review platform was launched in the fourth quarter of 2017 followed by the deployment of DentaVox market research platform in the same quarter. This year Dentacoin Assurance Testnet is set to be launched in the fourth quarter as well, however the medical record holding blockchain will not be integrated until next year’s third quarter.


To conclude, Dentacoin is a platform that would provide an ecosystem in which blockchain technology can be utilized to provide incentives to its users who can then use these rewards for dental checkups. The incorporation of blockchain has made this platform non biased, and ensures that in the forthcoming years the network to which these dental services are being provided to, will continue to expand along with the use cases of the said technology.

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