Dentacoin Expands its Reach as Cool Dent Begins Accepting Dentacoin as Payment

Dentacoin, an ethereum-based review platform for the dental community across the globe, has been expanding its reach worldwide. Recently, it was disclosed by the company that specific dental chains in India and Germany have started accepting dentacoin as means of payments. Now, it is announced by the company that Cool Dent, which is an Argentinian dental chain, has started accepting dentacoin as means of payment. Cool Dent has taken this step for its twelve practices as of now.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding Dentacoin expanding its reach from India, Germany, and Argentina, it was stated by the company that:

…we are extending our global reach and exploring new markets to open up around the world. More partnerships are in the pipeline, but for more precise details you’d have to wait for the next announcement though.

Cool Dent is essentially a dental chain aimed at providing the dental community with high-tech equipment and instruments relating to the dental world. The chief executive officer of Cool Dent, Adrian Aranda has stated:

We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and approved materials that meet all bio-safety standards to provide the highest safety in each treatment and ensure a perfect smile, without waiting and without pain.

Cool Dent specializes in implantology and up till now, has placed over 7000 implants in total. It also deals with the aspect of orthodontics and aesthetics. Besides all this, other dental services are also offered by the organization.

Cool Dent’s incorporation of dentacoin in its payment pipeline is a great accomplishment of the dentacoin organization as a whole because it is the biggest dental chain in the world that has adopted dentacoin. The more and more dental chains start incorporating dentacoin in their pipelines, the more closer dentacoin moves towards its ultimate vision of forming a universal industry-specific currency transcending all borders.

In a blog post made by Dentacoin regarding Cool Dent’s adoption of dentacoin, it is further stated by the company that:

The CoolDent chain will drive the number of practices in the Dentacoin network to a total of seventy, along with our other partners located in the USA, Brazil, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India, Iran.

The entire announcement made by the company can be found here.

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