Dentacoin (DCN) Gets Listed on Bitibu Exchange

Recently, it was announced by Dentacoin that its token (DCN) got listed on an exchange named CoinHub. Now, dentacoin has also been listed on the Bitibu exchange. It has become Dentacoin’s twenty-third supporting exchange overall.

Dentacoin is on a roll when it comes to exchange listings. Talking to BlockPublisher regarding the number of exchanges that Dentacoin is targeting, the company stated:

We strive to bring better opportunities for our community with every partnership. We won’t rest as long as there are new prospects to conquer.

This development has been made as a result of the voting competition that was organized by Bitibu. As a result of the overwhelming response shown by dentacoin followers, it won the competition and is now trading against ethereum (ETH) on Bitibu.

Bitibu is essentially a trading platform aimed at providing trading facilities to both the beginners and experienced traders of the game with expertise in altcoins, algorithms and performance. The exchange has the capability to process millions of transactions each day as it is based on a technology specialized for low-latency performance and reliability.

In order to provide a strong security-fabric to its users, it stores majority of the assets in an offline cold-storage. The exchange also provides an easy-to-use interface for beginners of the game along with built-in charting tools and simple order processing. The traders are also facilitated at every step of the process.

Without a deposit fee, a transaction fee of 0.1% is applied by the exchange. Deposits in U.S. dollars can be performed on the exchange and a minimum withdrawal of $100 is specified by Bitibu with a $10 fee. Four key markets are targeted by the exchange which include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Bitibu Coin (BTB).

Dentacoin is an ethereum-based platform focused at bringing together the dental community across the globe. It works on smart contracts. It is essentially a review platform with aims of bringing together patients and dentists across the world. A transparent and secure fabric is provided by the platforms to its users so that a trusted ecosystem could be established.

Alongside Bitibu, dentacoin is also listed on HitBTC, Crytopia, IDEX, LATOKEN, ChangeNow, SimpleSwap, AtomicWallet and many others.

Dentacoin has also been expanding its global reach as Cool Dent, one of Argentina’s dental chains, recently started accepting dentacoin as payment option. Besides Argentina, dentacoin has also left footprints in countries like India, Germany, Pakistan, Taiwan and others.

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