November 16, 2018

    Revolut Says Users Won’t be Impacted by BCH Hardfork

    With over 3 million users, Revolut is already one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in the world. Now the…
    November 16, 2018

    Understanding Trezor Through Q/A With The Platform’s Head Of Marketing

    Trezor is the leading hardware wallet to store and manage digital assets and provide advanced security for handling cryptocurrency private…
    November 16, 2018

    “The Long Term Vision is to Enable Trustless Gaming”, Says FunFair’s Founder in An Exclusive Interview

    FunFair is a crypto project that aims to revolutionize the arena of online gaming through the employment of the blockchain…
    November 15, 2018

    Roger Ver: BCH Hard Fork Could be Like Y2K for Market

    Early investor in cryptocurrencies and promoter of Bitcoin Cash ABC, Roger Ver said tonight’s hard fork “could wind up being…
    November 15, 2018

    Major Bitcoin Price Drop – What Might be the Reason?

    The issue of volatility has marred the reputation of the crypto world since the beginning. Price jumps and falls are…