Dentacoin (DCN) Discusses its Long-Term Vision

Besides cryptos, blockchain can be used to provide revolutionary products to the world in different domains of life. Dentacoin is one of such products to look out for. Aimed at forming a global network for the dental community, Dentacoin utilizes blockchain to give its users a secure and transparent ecosystem.

In an exclusive interview with BlockPublisher, Dentacoin elaborated its long-term vision in the following words,

The core purpose of Dentacoin Foundation is to improve long-term health, reduce costs and pain, and ensure mutual benefits for all participants in the dental industry. We believe this vision can be achieved by utilizing the secure Blockchain infrastructure, focusing on patient-centered care and practicing intelligent prevention. Furthermore, we strive to introduce an industry-specific cryptocurrency (DCN) that will assert itself on the international dental market.

The global dental ecosystem that Dentacoin is trying to form benefits all the participants in the network from the doctors to the patients. Running on smart contracts, the platform eliminates any third-party intervention and as a result, a trusted review platform is provided to the users.

The currency token used in this ecosystem is Dentacoin (DCN). It is an ERC-20 type token as the platform uses Ethereum blockchain.

Dentacoin (DCN, ٨) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency (“utility token”) which can be used as a means of payment within the dental industry, earned through various activities on the Dentacoin platform and exchanged to other crypto and fiat currencies. Every new participant in the community leads to increase of DCN value (“network effect”) – i.e. the more people use DCN, the higher its value grows.

But as we see today, there a lot of crypto tokens floating around in the crypto space. So, how is the DCN different than the rest? Talking to BlockPublisher regarding DCN’s difference from the rest, the company stated:

It is the one and only cryptocurrency in the world that connects all participants in the global dental industry and in the same time actively empowers patients for affordable and sustainable dental health. Furthermore, DCN has a strong social aspect – in contrast to the inflation-prone fiat currencies which make poor people poorer, DCN has a non-inflationary nature due its limited supply and sophisticated distribution mechanism.

Dentacoin is an industry-specific currency and has been expanding its reach across the globe quite rapidly. Up till now, it has gained support from twenty-six different crypto exchanges. A few of these exchanges include CoinSwitch, CoinHub, Bitibu, Swap.Online etc. It has also been expanding its reach across different countries which include USA, India, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Pakistan and many more.

Dentacoin provides one of the strongest use-cases of blockchain in the arena and is one of the most interesting projects to look out for in the long-run. If all things go in the right direction, this project might even revamp the entire global dental ecosystem in the coming time.

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