Interview With Dentacoin Founder, Dimitar Dimitrakiev: Our Main Challenge Right Now is the Development of the Dental Assurance Concept

Breaking through the $400 billion dental industry, Dentacoin is truly laying the foundations for the world’s largest blockchain-based healthcare network. Dentacoin is out to prove how cryptocurrency can help to improve dental healthcare with the help of a strong and sustainable business model.

The Problem

It turns out an average American pays more than $500 annually for dental healthcare that can be significantly cut short to more than 90% by getting dental checkups three times in a year for cleaning and getting advice on food intake solely for dental health purpose.

Purposed Solution

Out to solve a genuine world problem, Dentacoin aims to incentivize both the doctor and the patient by making a specifically designed ecosystem and removing big money minting insurance companies. In this system, a dentist on Detacoin network won’t charge anything from the patient who has attained Dentacoin subscription after paying a meagre monthly fee to Dentacoin while the dentist gets paid by Dentacoin according to the basic market rate income. Dentacoin (DCN) comes in handy on the later part when the patient can earn DCN after following necessary dental healthcare regime by using an aftercare app on Dentacoin network whereas the doctor is incentivized  based on the ratings and other criteria.

As Dentacoin released Dentacoin Wallet dApp v0.1 two months prior than planned, the wallet can store Ethereum and DCN since DCN is an ERC-20 token and can be accessed via MetaMask. BlockPublisher reported earlier about Dentacoin exchange listing,  today i talked to Dimitar Dimitrakiev, the founder of Dentacoin on the future of Dentacoin and what can we expect in 2018 Q4.

  • Dentacoin over-achieved by releasing wallet early than planned. Please tell us about Dentacoin Wallet dApp v0.1 and its features.

Dimitar: The wallet currently operates via MetaMask and is therefore available on all platforms supporting MetaMask. The wallet is intended for Dentacoin transactions and you can store Ether, so you are able to make transactions, since DCN is an ERC-20 token.

  • Can you please tell us when is the next version of Dentacoin wallet will be available and what new features will it incorporate?

Dimitar: No official ETA on the next update. One of the key features of the next version, though would be “a dedicated additional feature for dentists, patients, suppliers to easily handle payments between each other without any significant tech knowledge required.”

  • Can you please let us know the challenges Dentacoin is facing regarding the development of wallet and integrated platform.

Dimitar: Nothing our team cannot handle. The plan has been laid out a long time ago and for the most part it’s just a matter of time to finish working on each of the tools. We are excited to see all planned products getting closer and closer to their first releases. As development progresses we are sure new challenges will emerge, but we are ready to tackle them as they come.

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  • Is it a challenge for the Dentacoin community to make platform as easy to use as possible?

Dimitar: It is both a challenge and a goal. Creating an easy to use platform for people who are not crypto/digital natives is certainly no easy task, but it is essential for our global adoption target. For a long time crypto has been notoriously difficult to get into, because it is very complex and inconvenient UX wise. We intend to help change that and by making it easier for ordinary people to interact with blockchain technology, contribute to its mainstream adoption around the globe.

  • Is the dentacoin development team scattered around the globe? And what is the main challenge development team is solving right now?

Dimitar: Yes the Dentacoin development team, much like the nodes of blockchain, is comprised of members with various backgrounds, working from many locations around the world, with one thing in common – our passion to drive the Dentacoin project further towards success. Our main challenge right now is the development of the Dental Assurance concept. What makes it challenging is that it is very unique, as a concept and finding best practices, or good examples to gain insight from is no easy task. Nevertheless every possible scenario is closely examined and considered when making key decisions for the end product.

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  • Can you please tell us about your team and what you believe your team’s strengths are?

Dimitar: Every member of our team has their own special story to tell and everyone has a unique expertise they bring to the table. Having each member contribute with a diverse perspective has helped us resolve many tough situations throughout the development process. What sets us apart from other global multicultural teams though is our dedication to the project and commitment to push through the hard times towards better opportunities for both our community and the Dentacoin project itself.

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