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Dentacoin’s Listing Streak Continues With Swap.Online

Swap.Online became the latest platform to list DCN against 16 other cryptocurrencies with the likes of Bitcoin, EOS, Tether, Litecoin, SWAP and others. Recent DCN listing news on different exchanges has already opened new doors for Dentacoin as it validates the platform’s significance.

Dentacoin (DCN) is a platform to bring together dental community from all across the world. The reviewing dental care platform based on smart contracts aims to provide quality of dental treatment.

Talking to BlockPublisher about DCN’s being listed on, Dentacoin’s community member Austin Gates stated;

Dentacoin’s listing is only going to further fuel the ever growing community. Our main goal is to get listed on as many exchanges as possible.

Swap.Online is a cryptocurrency wallet with an exchange feature based on decentralized p2p atomic swap. The browser-based decentralized wallet takes a processing time of 1-2 minutes and according to Swap the exchange has done pretty well as compared to other exchanges with respect to transactions per minute.

Talking about Dentacoin’s global acceptance and adoption Gates added;

The heart and soul of Dentacoin is our community and it is directly proportional to DCN’s adoption. Listing on different exchanges no doubt serves our purpose of Dentacoin’s acceptance and recognition.

Swap.Online is the first decentralized exchange that implemented the simultaneous trading of Tether and EOS. Being decentralized it means the platform does not store keys nor it require any registration. Swap.Online does not even has any access to user messages since they use IPFS protocol and they do not go through their servers.

The exchange wallet has become the twenty sixth exchange that listed Dentacoin and joined the likes of OEX, HitBTC, IDEX, CoinHub, Godex and others.

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