Dentacoin to Attend the International Dental Summit (IDS)

Dentacoin, a global project aimed at uniting the dental care community, recently announced that it will become the first blockchain company to attend the International Dental Show (IDS), one of the world’s leading dental summit.  The event takes place after an interval of two years and is organized by GFDI, which is a commercial enterprise of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI). In this summit, innovations in the dental arena are presented forward by the innovators from across the world. Dentacoin will be attending the summit in 2019 from March 12-16. Almost 2300+ exhibitors are expected to be present at the summit with over 155,000 visitors from an approximate of 157 countries.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding Dentacoin’s plans for the summit, the company stated in a tweet:

We’ll be sending a dedicated multi-lingual team to get dental professionals up to speed with the Dentacoin concept and the latest developments, related to the project.

As stated, Dentacoin will be updating the dental community present at the summit with its latest developments. One of Dentacoin’s aims is to familiarize the dental community with blockchain technology overall. The company added:

By showcasing what our tools can do, dentists will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the disruptive technology that is blockchain and how it can help them create the dental world of tomorrow.

Dentacoin is essentially a blockchain-powered review platform where patients and dentists from across the world can easily participate. As it is based on the blockchain technology, a transparent and secure fabric of reviews is provided to the users. With no central authority supervising all the proceedings and managing all the data, everyone participating in the network has a chance to get his/her voice heard across the community. Dentacoin’s participation in IDS will help it achieve its goal of expanding its reach across the globe.

As mentioned by the company itself, over 70 dental practices across the world have adopted Dentacoin as means of payment. Dentacoin has been expanding its global footprint across the world quite rapidly. It is expanded its reach in countries like India, Germany, Argentina, Pakistan, Taiwan, and others.

The official blog post made by the Dentacoin regarding its participation can be found here.

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