Blockchain This Week, from Cybersecurity to Evaluation

Cybersecurity is an Important Aspect for Mass Adoption

Jonha Richman is a well-known blockchain influencer. In 2017, she was one of the top 10 females in crypto. She explained that cybersecurity is a very crucial parameter for crypto and blockchain mass adoption. She stated that projects needed to provide protection from cybersecurity attacks to make people embrace cryptocurrencies and trust blockchain. She also advised people to check the apps authorized on their social channels after every 2 months to prevent any compromise on the leakage of personal information.

Bitfly Confirms Whereas Ethereum Classic Denies the Attack

In recent past, the world was taken by shock when the news of 51% attack on Ethereum Classic came into the light. Coinbase detected double spending activities and Bitfly confirmed that the attack was successful. Ethereum Classic denied the attack completely and proposed that hashrate could be due to Linzhi testing ASICS. Ethereum Classic also stated they weren’t hiding anything and time will tell what exactly was the truth.

Blockchain will Handle Anything Requiring Privacy, Security and Anonymity

Founder of Knowbella Tech, Jason Barkeloo was bullish on the future of blockchain. He stated that blockchain was suitable for anything that needs privacy, security and anonymity. Besides that, he also mentioned that he was using blockchain for managing grants, laboratory assets and various tokens. He proposed that blockchain could be used in the medical sector to manage patient’s data. He concluded that blockchain would be useful in all fields.

Blockchain Used for Building Moderation

Co-founder of Contentos, Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai stated that he came to know about the hardships of content producers who wished to attract new followers. He blamed the centralized platforms for controlling followers’ count with their mysterious algorithms. He further pointed out that this problem led to the creation of Contentos. Moreover, Mick suggested to build all the moderation in the blockchain as without moderation there could be several problems, for example, video sites could turn into pornographic sites. He also talked about making a blockchain interactive live quiz show in Taiwan.

Blockchain has Potential to Revolutionize

Founder of Elevated District Media, Michael Nye stated his opinion about the capability of the blockchain. He said that blockchain possessed the power to revolutionize various processes of the industry and for the financial industry, bitcoin is blockchain’s most applaudable thing. While revealing that he supported a project, Agora, the most, he told that he like many other projects as well.

A Question to Evaluate Blockchain

Rene Pickhardt, a member of Wikimedia Deutschland and Serlo Education, explained a way for companies and startups to figure out if they should be using blockchain or not. He introduced a question that linked a time stamp server with the issue that was being solved by blockchain to conclude if the use of blockchain for that issue was justified or not.


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