‘Every Field That One Can Imagine, Blockchain is Going to Have Some Application to it’: Knowbella Tech Founder

Scientists and researchers now a days are vastly dependent on grants to do their work and the whole process of seeking a grant is very exasperating and at times demotivating for them. Even once they conduct their research, scientists are exploited during the whole process of publication. On top of that, researchers or research teams working in isolation are unable to share knowledge across other verticals or fields due to employment agreement.

There is one platform, ‘The Knowbella Platform’, that is out to solve this genuine world problem. Knowbella Platform is incentivizing scientists with the help of blockchain technology. I talked with Jason Barkeloo, founder of Knowbella Tech, as he talked about how he is making use of the blockchain technology, Jason said;

“For me blockchain is a tool and there are certain things that it’s really good for; for example, identity management, that we will be utilizing on our platform, we manage grants using blockchain, we manage the laboratory assets that we provide researchers on blockchain. There are a number of things within our platform, clearly the tokens the anthro tokens the utility tokens, the Helix security tokens are managed on the blockchain. So aspects of the platform are going to be running on blockchain. What I see into the future, I think they’re going to be a lot of very interesting outcomes but they are all going to be driven around the idea of privacy and security. Anything one can imagine that requires privacy, security and anonymity, I really think that’s where blockchain is going to fit”.

Jason further pressed the the need of incorporating blockchain in the field of Medicine and stated;

“Managing clinical trials in the pharmaceutical space, medical devices and the diagnostics is going to be just a great example of using blockchain to manage the security and privacy of patients giving them control of their records. I think absolutely every field that one can imagine, blockchain is going to have some application to it”.

Although we are witnessing many blockchain startups popping-up and many promising ones vanishing, there are only a handful of them that are solving genuine world problems and Knowbella Tech is one of them that came up with a solid business model, keeping in mind the current bear market we are in.

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