Cybersecurity An Important Stakeholder To Amp Up Blockchain & Crypto Adoption – Jonha Richman

The cryptocurrency space takes against a rather enormous anti-narrative and opponents who would just not back down. The chronicle was in swift action during the last year, most recently in December, when a number of prominent figures had their Twitter accounts compromised.  While Twitter reported that it had “resolved a bug” that allowed certain accounts to be spoofed, the hacking activity was seen to reproduce after Twitter had made its claim.

One of the affected individuals was Jonha Richman, a prominent leader, adviser and influencer to the blockchain industry. In 2017, she was recognized as one of the top 10 females in crypto. Jonha’s Twitter handle was hacked last month, which was followed by malicious activity that continued for a few days till control was regained. The activity made from the account posted content to deliberately tarnish Richman’s role as a thought leader in the crypto space. Though unbothered from a personal perspective, she went on to share the importance of dealing with cybersecurity issues to sustain growth and adoption for the blockchain and cryptocurrency eco-system. Speaking to BlockPublisher, Jonha said:

Many people who may not necessarily be tech savvy will not easily act quickly, so if we expect people to embrace cryptocurrencies and have it become part of their daily lives, projects will be faced with the challenge to actually ensure that all their ecosystem is protected from all sorts of possible cybersecurity attacks and have ample systems in place to not only proactively prevent such attacks, but also have a contigency plans in place when they occur.

Cybersecurity remains an important stakeholder in the digital age and just like digital wallets being hacked, identity thefts and social media compromisation are aspects of it that affects everyone alike. Shedding light on the importance cybersecurity, Miss Richman continued:

There has never been a better time to be more vigilant not only for people investing in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects than now. With the increasing dangers ranging from identity theft, to people’s digital wallets getting emptied, it’s vital for everyone to be more wary. It wouldn’t hurt to double check all the apps we authorized on our social channels every 2 months as some seemingly good apps could somehow go rogue and what may be start as an innocent app could be compromised and used to either skim or steal one’s information.

In the end, Miss Richman regained access to her Twitter account a few days after, collaborating with the platform and reporting the misleading tweets for Twitter to investigate. She remains pro-Bitcoin and an activist to ensure prosperity of the space.

However, Richman was not the only prominent figure that became subject of a Twitter hack as CEO and Chief Investment Officer Morgan Creek Capital Management Mark W. Yusko also had his Twitter portfolio compromised earlier last year.

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