Founder of Elevated District Media is All Praise for Blockchain

Blockchain technology is erupting out as game-changing with developments being made at a very rapid pace. Although the blockchain and crypto world is still pretty nascent, the prospects offered by decentralization seem to be revolutionary. In order to get a perspective from someone who is actively involved in this space, BlockPublisher recently got in touch with the founder of Elevated District Media, Michael Nye, in order to inquire him about his views regarding the space of cryptos and blockchain.

Elevate District Media seemingly aims at helping projects in the crypto space build social media presence. Talking about Elevated District Media’s location and his plans with the company, Nye said:

Nye: “We’re decentralized. We work with different companies on helping them build brands, social media presence, and communities, specifically in the crypto space. And the plan is eventually to evolve it into a full-blown media company, doing media and in multiple different outlets.”

Nye was all praise regarding blockchain and talking about his views regarding this tech, he said:

Nye: “I think it has the potential to revolutionize different processes within different industries. I think its major thing is obviously be a bitcoin in the financial industry which is why I’m so heavily involved in that.”

Talking about the technologies it might revamp, Nye said:

Nye: “I think the voting can benefit from it. I think that there are some areas of supply chain that can benefit from it.”

Talking about his favorite blockchain projects in the space, Nye said:

Nye: “I work with a bunch of different companies that I find interesting. I’m an advisor for a company called Agora which is doing a lot of really cool stuff with voting on the blockchain. That’s obviously one that I support heavily along with…there’s a bunch of them, there’s a bunch of them to be honest with you.”

Decentralization certainly carries much importance and the projects revolving around in this space do seem to pose serious threats to other centralized products. Immutability and transparency aspects of blockchain make it one attractive technology to look out for. Operations which require transparency can largely benefit from it. So as we move forward with more and more attention being gained by this technology, it will be interesting to see how many industries incorporate this technology into their respective frameworks. All in all, it sure seems to be the technology of the future.

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