Where is Cindicator (CND) Headed With its Ecosystem? Explains Ksenia Semenova

Cindicator is a blockchain-based platform aimed at making asset management easier through the use of hybrid intelligence. The token used by the platform is Cindicator and is denoted CND. For new entrants of the crypto financial market, the platform aims to provide a next-generation predictive analytics ecosystem. But what is its long-term vision? How it plans to expand its ecosystem?

In order to get the answers to these questions for the newcomers of the crypto ecosystem, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Business Development Officer of Cindicator, Ksenia Semenova. In reply to the question of Cindicator’s long-term vision, Ksenia stated:

We believe that Hybrid Intelligence technology will revolutionize the decision-making in a variety of spheres: starting from finance (is where we’re now) and spread to politics, education, society.

Ksenia clearly indicated Cindicator’s plans to further expand its region of operation to other sectors of life besides finance, such as politics, education, society etc. Adding on to her statements, Ksenia stated:

In the upcoming future, we’re planning on moving forward in delivering the vision that we outlined in our whitepaper. Our crucial goal is to create a stable infrastructure for a new generation of decentralized financial products that will have access to Hybrid Intelligence.

Ksenia then pointed out several major tracks that the infrastructure planned by Cindicator will include:

Strengthening the collective intelligence platform to increase the range and quantity of questions; Refining the machine learning pipeline to further increase accuracy during every stage of the market cycle; Building up a complete professional trading suite; Researching investment strategies and risk management systems; Developing technology trading infrastructure connected to major exchanges; Reinforcing the security of all modules.

Cindicator aims to form a complete and robust ecosystem for making market predictions. Analysts that give their opinions regarding the market are rewarded in the Cindicator’s ecosystem. The more accurate the prediction, the more the rewards. Besides input from different analysts, AI is also used to give optimal market analysis. In the atmosphere provided by Cindicator, besides cryptos, predictions regarding financial instruments such as stocks is also provided.

As implied by Ksenia, Cindicator is aiming to expand its reach beyond the world of finance, and this makes it a project to look for in the long-run.

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