How is the Cindicator (CND) Token Different than the Rest? Explains Ksenia Semenova

As we see today, a plethora of crypto tokens is floating around in the crypto space. Most of these tokens offer almost the same services to the users. While some provide viable use-cases, others are just floating around redundantly. One of the crypto token seen floating around nowadays is Cindicator (CND). Cindicator is a fintech project focused on providing effective asset management through the use of hybird intelligence. At the time of writing its token CND stands at 0.020456 USD (as per www.coinmarketcap.com). So how is it different from other tokens? In order to get the answer to this question, BlockPublisher got in touch with Chief Business Development Officer of Cindicator, Ksenia Semenova.

Talking to BlockPublisher explaining CND’s difference, Ksenia stated:

CND is utility token which the main goal is working as a medium of exchange in Cindicator asset management ecosystem. Cindicator forecasters receive rewards in CND, while traders use CND to get access to aggregated forecasting results. СND token has one of the highest value among utility tokens (in terms of the amount secured for accessing products).

Ksenia claimed that CND token holds one of the highest value among other such utility tokens of the game. Explaining this, she further stated:

This situation can be caused by following properties of CND:

1. Cindicator analytical products have a proved effectiveness; Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence platform has already 116,000 forecasters and 6,000 traders now. The average accuracy is 60% and the products bring excess returns to its users.

2. CND speculative buyers can turn into users of analytical products because this is the product for traders. People who trade CND understand its intrinsic value. This makes CND different from most other tokens owned mostly by pure speculators. It means a more stable market.

Finally, adding on to her statements, she stated:

Moreover, due to the mentioned factors, CND token price has relatively independent behaviour.

The views shared by Ksenia completely explain the advantages offered by Cindicator to the crypto market. As we move into the future, it is not likely that each and every crypto token floating around will survive the trials of time. As there is no need for 10 things providing the same exact function, similarly, there is also no need for 1,500 cryptos providing the same functionality. So, in order for different tokens to survive, strong use-cases and different utilities are needed to be provided by them. As for Cindicator, the utilities explained by Ksenia seem interesting. Now, it only remains to be seen how it survives the trials of time from here on.

Edited on 10/15/2018 6.10 PM and 6.25 PM PKT to correct the official statements made by the Cindicator’s representative.

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