Chief Business Development Officer of Cindicator Discusses Blockchain and Data

The modern world is seeing many nascent technologies erupting out at a rapid rate. These technologies include blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, internet-of-things (IoT) etc. But moving forward from here on, are we going to see these technologies flourish and grow on their own, or they’ll all be linked and merged together to provide the world with revolutionary solutions to various problems? Ksenia Semenova, Chief Business Development Officer at Cindicator, which is an asset management tokenized fintech project, shares her views.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding blockchain and data, Ksenia stated:

…another ongoing trend is in combining blockchain and tokenisation with other rapidly developing technologies: artificial intelligence/machine learning, the Internet of Things, and Big Data. Projects that combine several big trends are experiencing strong interest from investors and tech enthusiasts alike.

As we are moving into the future, the need for combining all these technologies is growing even faster. If tools provided by one technology are combined with the features of another technology, the results are usually game-changing. Using the decentralized nature of blockchain, one can deploy AI-powered tools in an IoT ecosystem. Smart cities can be formed if these technologies are merged together. The future that is usually shown in various Hollywood movies can become a reality if these technologies are used properly, and most importantly, safely. In order to make happen, a lot of tech giants are working tirelessly with full investor trust.

The potential carried by each of these technologies alone is enough to revamp various industrial structures across the globe. Talking to BlockPublisher regarding blockchain alone, Ksenia also stated:

The decentralized nature of blockchain also can help to resolve issues related to centralized systems and centralized governance,

Every framework across the world where a central authority is in charge of all the activities, blockchain alone can prove to be game-changing. Centralization can be eliminated from the world if blockchain is used properly, giving users the autonomy they deserve in the modern world.

In the hindsight of all this, yes, the prospects offered by these technologies are large, but it is also a fact that there are possibilities that our future might turn dystopian if these technologies go in the wrong hands. Take AI, a tool designed by humans in order to facilitate themselves and to eliminate the need for unnecessary thinking. Is it safe to let the machine think by itself? As suggested by some experts of the game, AI can well and truly be the reason for human extinction in the future if left unguarded. So, despite the bright prospects offered by these nascent technologies, in order to prevent scenarios of such kind, regulations are also needed alongside.

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