We Are Happy to Continue Expanding in This Emerging Market, Dentacoin

Dentacoin has been expanding its reach across the globe at quite a rapid pace with more and more dental centers accepting it as a means of payment. Recently, an Indian dental care which goes by the name of Vaishali Dental Care started accepting Dentacoin as a payment option.

BlockPublisher got in touch with Dentacoin itself to inquire about its views regarding this development. Talking to BlockPublisher, the company stated through its official Twitter handle:

We are happy to continue expanding in this emerging market. Signing Dr. Jain’s NABH Accredited clinic as a Dentacoin partner will bring better opportunities for our loyal community to receive premium quality dental care around the world.

Vaishali Dental Care centre has now become the 72nd entry in the global network that is being established by Dentacoin. Besides India, Dentacoin has also left its footprints in countries like USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Malaysia, Fiji, Iran, Taiwan, and some others.

Dentacoin is a blockchain-based project that wants to establish a global ecosystem for the dental community across the world. Being on a blockchain, it wants to connect patients and dentist from across the world in a safe ecosystem. The currency token that is used in the Dentacoin ecosystem is DCN, which is an ERC-20 type token. Dentacoin is an ethereum-based platform and functions on smart contracts. As there is no central party involved in its workflow, users from across the world have pretty good chances of their voice getting heard in the global dental community.

Dentacoin is essentially an industry-specific cryptocurrency and presents forward just one use-case of the blockchain technology. Health industry can be completely revamped if blockchain technology is used in it. Dentacoin has targeted the niche of dental care to integrate this technology. Having a global dental currency does save one from a lot of hectic procedures.

The possibilities offered by blockchain are plenty. Global, transparent, trustless and decentralized frameworks can easily be constructed providing extreme benefits to the users, and Dentacoin is one of such global projects to look out for in the long run.

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