Integrated Crypto Wallet for Browsers: Ethereum is Leading Web 3.0

Recently, Opera (the web browser) dropped in an announcement that the Ethereum community will soon see an Opera web browser with an integrated crypto wallet for iOS. As such, they have circulated a sign-up to allow people to become testers of the new-to-be-released wallet.

Normally, for using cryptocurrencies, users need to have wallets that enable them to make transactions – send or receive one or more crypto coins; for the purpose, software wallets are usually used; they come in the form of desktop or phone applications. Users install  wallets either on their PC desktops or phones which contains one’s crypto coins. However, with the current mechanism in place, purchasing with crypto is a long and somewhat of an inconvenient process. Moreover, traditional crypto wallets do not allow for direct online browsing, further making it hard to seamlessly use crypto.

This was one issue Opera wanted to resolve. Saying that, for crypto to be have mass adoption, it is necessary that using cryptocurrencies be easy and seamless. Integrating a crypto wallet in their web browser seems to have done that as said in their blog:

“We identified the biggest challenge to be the lack of easy-to-use solutions for crypto. Users were forced to install separate wallet apps which didn’t include full-featured browsers. Setting up such wallets was difficult and browsing the Web with a wallet app is burdensome. We removed this hurdle by integrating an easy-to-use wallet into our Android browser. Now, we are delivering this seamless experience to iOS users.”

What does a web browser with a crypto wallet look like? For Opera, it is simply an added feature to its current browser that set opens the user’s personal wallet containing their cryptos, while also allowing the user to safely and securely send and receive cryptos from other parties.

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Back on December 13th, Opera released their browser version with an integrated crypto wallet; however the reach of the version was limited to android users. Prior to the web browser for android, the beta version of the crypto wallet had been out for testing purposes.

The thing that stands out the most about this crypto-wallet-integrated web browser is that it allows its users to pay for services and items while staying on the same application (in this case the Opera web browser).

There are a couple of more features that separates Opera’s crypto wallet from others – its simple design with an easy-to-use interface and the facility of browsing through the Web 3.

In its version for android, users can simply access the wallet by just a couple of taps at the bottom of the browser. The wallet itself has a simple design showing one the ether and other ethereum-based tokens they own.

In the new version for iOS, this is likely to improve as Opera is now also extending Opera Touch to iOS for Web3.0. Winner of the Red Dot award, Opera Touch is a web browser whose user interface is designed particularly around ease of use. Opera Touch makes access to different services of the browser easier, perhaps allowing for quick and easy transactions methods for the crypto wallet.

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Web3.0 is an umbrella term for a set of emerging technologies intersecting cryptocurrencies, blockchains and distributed systems. Unlike other crypto wallets, Opera’s wallet enables users to browse through the Web3.0 However, Opera till now supports Ethereum only. This means that users can browse through and interact with Ethereum dapps. This feature is present in the version introduced for android, and will be there for the for iOS. Other than exposing different crypto-based apps to the mass users of the internet, the feature also provides an extensive audience to these dapps. Current android users of the wallet and the later iOS users of the wallet can transact only in ethereum.

With its recent partnership with Safello, users in Demark, Sweden and Norway will also be able to buy cryptos via the crypto wallet.

The coming of the web browser with an integrated crypto wallet for android in December, received a considerable popularity in the Ethereum community. This became one of the reasons for Opera to extend its crypto wallet facility to iOS users. Opera has not made the release date public, however they did say:

“iOS users around the globe will soon gain access to a beautifully-designed, full-featured browser with an integrated native Crypto Wallet…”

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