Crypto Wallet Opera Touch Will Soon Be Available For iOS Users

With big names like Facebook and Samsung on board with integrating blockchain based technologies within their business models and products, other key players like Opera Software and browsers are not about to get left behind.

As per a new update by Opera, their latest browser will be launched equipped with their new built in crypto wallet called Opera Touch. And what’s most exciting is that it will be available to iOS users soon!

In a blog on their official website, Opera explained the reasoning behind their new service,

We identified the biggest challenge to be the lack of easy-to-use solutions for crypto. Users were forced to install separate wallet apps which didn’t include full-featured browsers. Setting up such wallets was difficult and browsing the Web with a wallet app is burdensome. We removed this hurdle by integrating an easy-to-use wallet into our Android browser. Now, we are delivering this seamless experience to iOS users.

The wallet, which is not yet fully available to the public is currently being tested out by users who agree to volunteer for the task. The Norwegian company is currently asking users to test out the new iOS browser,

If you’d like to test how our newest iOS browser with Crypto Wallet and dApp explorer works on iOS, go to https://www.opera.com/ioscrypto and sign up there. We will make sure to send you an exclusive invitation as soon as our browser is available to early testers.

Once interested users have signed up to the task, they will be notified as soon as the service becomes available for testing procedures.

The company explained that this decision was due to the many requests via the Ethereum community and high user demand.

The company also announced their partnership with and online brokerage firm called Safello which will allow smoother purchase on cryptos via traditional currencies, “A further step slowing down a potential mass adoption of crypto that we saw was the difficulty of obtaining cryptocurrencies. We have already fixed this issue in Scandinavia through a cooperation with the online brokerage company Safello. This means that our users in Denmark, Sweden and Norway can easily top up their crypto wallets in less than 60 seconds.”

The Opera Touch option isn’t the only new specification that the company has added in the new update as it also includes the nifty “My Flow” option which seamlessly links your online activities across different devices and platforms.


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