How Contentos Will Tackle The Blockchain Scalability Problem? According to Co-founder

Contentos is a blockchain based platform that is on a mission to disrupt digital content producing industry. With the sole aim to empower content producers, advertisers and users, Contentos is building a decentralized content producing ecosystem.

Mick Tsai, the co-founder of Contentos, talked to BlockPublisher about blockchain, challenges they are facing, his team and how 2019 will prove to be the year we will see solutions to blockchain scalability problem. He said;

“We have five core members, first is myself of course, then we have chief marketing officer (CMO), she was head of LiveMe Taiwan. Then we have Andrew in New York and he is helping us with business development and we have Zack, he is he also has engineering background and lastly we have very valuable advisors. I said valuable because they bring a lot of value to Contentos. A lot of projects these days just list a bunch of advisors but those advisors, if you take a close look, don’t really know what value they bring to the project”.

“Most of our developers are in Beijing. We have 8 core blockchain developers who are all in Beijing right now. Anyone can check their profile on GitHub and it is because we are keeping everything transparent.  Their average working experience is 6-8 to years in their traditional software development but the most senior guy who has blockchain technology experience of about 3 years. Blockchain is a very relevant young domain in software development, people are still learning and understanding this space. I think we just need to stay with the trend and make sure we understand other teams progress while in the meantime, borrow or invent something really good for everyone”.

“The reason why we are using DPOS is because of TPS. Based on our existing user, our product testing data, we know what kind of TPS we have to prepare in order to introduce most of the users into this ecosystem. I think the EOS right now is doing pretty well because all the gambling things for the first time they are using the enhancer DPOS to solve the issue, which I think is also one reason why recently all those scams became so popular since there is no need to wait longer unlike in Ethereum”.

“There is one company called Matter and they are the very first team to implement plasma protocol on Ethereum and based on testing, they can achieve 25,000 TPS. We will soon see more and more of these types of things but I think this year, we definitely will be able to see some really visible scalability implementation in blockchain”.

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