‘Blockchain Technology Is Something That Inevitably Will Change Human Life’: Contentos Co-founder

Contentos, a decentralized platform to empower content creators, advertisers and consumers, is one of the most promising blockchain startup that came out of 2018. Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai, the co-founder of Contentos, talked to BlockPublisher about challenges and how blockchain is going to change the world, he said;

‘Blockchain technology is something that inevitably will change human life, there is no way back. The hype created in the last year have been beneficial but my prediction or my observation is, by the end of 2019 about 80% of the existing blockchain startups will vanish and the reason is very simple, they will not create a true business value they or build a true product to real customer or general public. Most of them are building something only for crypto user and it will start shrinking because it is hard to get into the regular users life.One has to figure out the right way to build a true business case, the true value for the real user’.

Mick stressed the need why blockchain based startups also needs a very strong business model and stated;

‘Everyone will go back to the traditional business logic to create a business model, otherwise it does not matter if anyone is using blockchain or not, they will not survive. People are trying to use blockchain technology to reinforce or to enhance some existing business model, we are not trying to replace it but we are trying to find something that today cannot be done with a centralized platform with a centralized service provider because they are the middleman. On our platform a user will help the other user to use decentralized content in a way to create a true business case and help them to get value in the form of USD and a content generator will start getting the revenue to survive’.

While talking to BlockPublisher, Mick discussed sense of insecurity, content producers have over centralized platforms and said;

‘I will give you a concrete example; when we build a decentralized content ecosystem, it’s hard to do copyright tracking and all those kind of value distribution but at the end of the day, my competitor is not other content blockchain, my competitor is actually YouTube and Instagram. We have to convince content creator to move from existing YouTube, to our platform. If they still feel that they are fine on the central platform, they can live very well over there but, on our platform, there is a chance in helping those small content creators to work and collaborate together. In the traditional world it is hard to ask them to create content together, we have to make sure that content creators know each other and are familiar with each other. For example if a musician made a background soundtrack, then that soundtrack is used by some video creator, who created a great video, uploaded to YouTube and get tons of viewership but, video creator may not want to share anything with the musician. This is the kind of existing environment, we have heard a lot of controversies like these where people have claimed that their music was stoles and was not accredited’.

Talking about how Contentos will bring content creators from around the world to collaborate on a decentralized platform, Mick said;

‘In these kind of things, centralized platform never try to step into. What we are thinking is, what if we can use the blockchain power smart contracts and all these kind of things, helping the world of creators to work together. They will be able to make the deal on chain and set values. For example; if the viewership reach to certain level then the value will split between content creators. All these kind of things can be achieved by blockchain. I would say it is kind of a semi-decentralized form’.

‘When people want to watch video or kind of things in probably next year, most majority of people will still enjoy all this content on YouTube or live streaming platform but in terms of revenue sharing, in terms of cooperation, it has a chance to be separate to the other blockchain and use smart contract to facilitate all those collaboration revenue sharing. We want to make sure that kind of business model can really be successful in next year. of course some years later, if everybody starts thinking that content creators develop valuable things, all those creators will move on to our platform. That is our ultimate goal but we have to be really realistic and step by step, we will start building true business case that is something really missing from today’s blockchain community’.

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Hassaan Malik

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