Challenges Contentos is Facing and the Mainnet Launch – According to the Co-founder

With an aim to empower content generators, consumers and advertisers, Contentos is a blockchain platform that ensures everyone is paid transparently according to their contribution and the value they bring. I recently interviewed Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai, co-founder Contentos, as he talked about his background and how he came up with the idea behind Contentos.

Talking to BlockPublisher about the challenges Contentos is facing, Mick Said;

‘I think the most challenging part right now is the whole market condition. In the last three months of 2017, everybody was trying to rush into this space as we saw from all the news and press releases. So there was this whole force that helped to get users or public attention despite not having an understanding what they are up to. Just because they saw everyone talking about the bitcoin price that hit $20,000, everyone wanted to give it a try. But today everyone is cautious about the space because there are a lot of media mainstream media are talking about bad things about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general’.

Mick further added and talked about what steps to take to gain more people trust for cryptocurrency and stated;

‘In the meantime from the U.S. SEC, we have seen a lot of settlement cases. Recently they got rid of Basis Coin, all of these kinds negative things make people to think twice before coming in to this space and that is the most challenging part. I think we need to spend more effort in terms of product design and also the value proposition to convince regular user to step in and give you a try. I think we are very lucky in terms of that because just like I said, we already have a huge potential user regardless and they are using those apps everyday. If we introduce a gamification way users will still give a try no matter what. We are already lucky enough but I believe that’s the most challenging part for probably all of the blockchain platforms right now’.

Talking about test and main net launch Mick said;

‘Test net will launch in March 2018 while main net in September 2018 but today one can actually download PhotoGrid and LiveMe and they will be able to see how we define the token in these apps. If you get a token from these apps, they have different types of ways to allow you to get a token. Take for example PhotoGrid, if one create photos then one can earn points these points can be converted to the fiat token. But no matter what if one collect the token from this app’s today then you can log into to our website’.

Regarding the whole process of user signup and why user acquisition is not a problem for Contentos, he stated;

‘We encourage everybody to login because it’s not just a like a conventional project informational website, one can log into this website and see all the token earned from each of those products and one can withdraw the COS token to crypto wallet, after all the  validation process like KYC, one can actually withdraw the ERC 20 (COS) token to a crypto wallet. In the meantime if one is using the app,  there is a very small chance to earn ETH from the app. So if one earns ETH and go to Contentos, signup, login and complete the verification process, one can also withdraw ETH to crypto wallet or to any crypto exchange, if they want to sell it. This whole process is already out there and we don’t have to wait next year. Today anyone can actually experience it, in fact we have more than 300,000 people worldwide already, who have gone through it. It’s a huge number that anyone can see from all those third-party web traffic analysis websites to track website traffic. Peope can actually see that in November, we got a huge website traffic boost. It was more than 550,000 for the month of November. To give people an idea, even a lot of crypto exchanges don’t have this website traffic. People can get an idea how many users are actually interested about what we are doing and how many users actually go to our website and experience the process’.

Hassaan Malik

Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan is a technologist at heart with a keen interest in blockchain, cryptos and traditional financial markets. Email: hassaan@blockpublisher.com, hassaanmalek@gmail.com

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