Dropil Discusses Max Wallet and its Long-Term Vision

Dropil, a project which aims to provide a complete investment solution to the world of cryptocurrencies, previously announced that it will be launching the toughest wallet in the world of cryptocurrencies named ‘Max’. But why is Dropil claiming it to be the toughest wallet in the crypto world?

Talking to BlockPublisher, the company pointed out the following reasons that make it stand out among the rest:

  • End-to-End Encrypted.
  • 3 Factor Authentication.
  • Never before seen features in a wallet assisting in automation.
  • Smart Wallet robot features connecting to your account.
  • Directly import keystore files, private keys, and more.

As stated by the company, Max features end-to-end encryption in its framework ensuring a secure ecosystem for the transfer of information. In order to provide a completely secure fabric to the customers, multi-factor authentication has been added by the platform.

Max is essentially a smart wallet which aims at providing the customers a complete portfolio of their tokens. It is a storage wallet through which assets located at different addresses can be monitored. Once a wallet address is given to Max, it maintains complete information about that specific address and auto-syncs with all the transactions taking place from there.

Assets can either be stored in Max itself or can be stored somewhere else with Max tracking them. Remote management of assets can be done through this smart wallet. Transactions can also be added manually.

One of the goals of Dropil is increasing user adoption. In order to provide users with as much convenience as possible, the facility to link Telegram and Email with the wallet has also been added by the platform.  Through the feature of push notifications, users can keep themselves up-to-date with all the happenings of their accounts.

Another one of the key features provided by Max is private key handling. The wallet provides its users with the ability to store their private keys in an end-to-end encrypted ecosystem. The user has the freedom to store its private keys himself. Support for hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger is also added by the platform.

Recurring payments are also supported by the wallet. The user can specify the address to which it wants to send coins after specified time intervals. After specified conditions are met, the payments can be stopped.

Dropil’s goals with Max is to support all the cryptocurrencies that are on www.coinmarketcap.com. With an address book, names can be used to keep and store different addresses. Currently, Max is under the process of development at Dropil.

Talking about Dropil’s long-term vision, the company stated that Dropil’s long-term vision is:

To build an ecosystem of smart tools for trading, storage, and analysis.

The company further added:

We are currently building one the of most advanced and intuitive smart cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

With aims of providing a complete investment solution along with the conveniences provided by its products, such as Max, Dropil is a project to look out for in the long-run.

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