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Investing in the crypto market has always been something that had bothered investors from the very start. The amount of effort and risk that is associated with investing in the crypto space has always been taxing for the investors. Dropil focuses at providing the investors in the crypto world a platform to perform the seemingly hectic and risky task of crypto investments. Financial and security benefits are also associated with the service provided by Dropil. Dropil provides the intuitive reporting that the investors need to net highest returns with the lowest risk and minimum effort associated.

With digital currencies prevailing at a global level, Dropil aims at bringing the crypto investment process in the reach of the general public. Risk management regarding investment in the crypto space is also done efficiently through the algorithms employed at the core of Dropil platform.  DROP tokens are provided by Dropil which provide the value needed by the investors.

Automated Smart Trading Robot (DEX)

With Dropil investing in cryptocurrency is no more confusing and time consuming. The trading robot system ‘Dex’ provided by Dropil performs all the necessary arrangements needed for performing this task.

To provide a smart solution to the intricate process of crypto trading, DEX proves to be a core feature of the Dropil platform. It is stated in Dropil’s white paper:

A key aspect of the Dropil services is the automated smart trading robot platform, internally and externally referred to as Dex. This platform is not a single bot or strategy, but rather a carefully curated and tested set of automated bots – all designed and programmed 100% in house. None of the logic or strategies designed and used by Dex have ever been sold or given to anyone outside Dropil. Dex supports running different modes which are a combination of logic optimized for specific tasks. Each mode has a set of strategies it follows and will automatically switch to a different set of strategies in reaction to market changes. The modes of the individual instances operate independently of each other with no cross communication; however, all performance is recorded in a central repository for continued analysis of all trading.

On one instance, only one pair is traded. On the other hand on one exchange, multiple instances are running on one account at a time. Each instance is independent of the other, but multiple instances, structure and logics are always running. In order to provide the best service of overall portfolio performance and diversification, specific aspects relating the group logics employed are overseen by humans.

In order to ensure the security of the trading bot, detailed security measures are implemented on the platform. Protective measures relating to API, connectivity, exchange and other system issues are put in place in the system, both automated and manual.

DROP Tokens

The digital tokens offered by Dropil are DROP tokens. These tokens are the standard ERC20 coins to ensure compatibility and acceptability by the exchanges, and other companies seeking to use them. A total upper limit of 30 billion coins is set by Dropil. The number is set to provide an ideal scale for the trading platform and to ensure optimal performance with respect to the volume of the assets managed by the platform. The aims of spreading and adoption of the tokens were kept in mind while fixing the limit. Dropil wants ensure an ideal user base on the platform while keeping the coins in circulation at the exchanges. Dropil focuses at building a large user base implementation while maintaining the expanding demand of DROP tokens among the users of the tokens.

All the transactions that occur in and out of the Dex system take place through the usage of DROP tokens. The initial spread of the DROP tokens was done in the ICO raised by the platform and now, DROP tokens are only available via trading and exchanges.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The price of the DROP token was kept at 0.0029 USD. The ICO for DROP took place in two phases. The preICO started from 24th Jan 2018 and ended on 6th February 2018. The actual ICO started from 7th February and ended exactly one month later on 7th March 2018. An approximate $60,000,000 worth of tokens were sold in the ICO raised by Dropil.

DROP Wallet

For the users entering this space, user DROP wallet is displayed once the user has setup its portal and has logged in. The wallet is designed solely for the purpose of storing and spending the DROP tokens through the portal of the user. The process of sending or receiving the DROP tokens from any other DROP wallet or exchange can easily be done using this wallet. Additionally, all the DROP tokens that the user wants to invest into Dex can be transferred to the “Dex Investment Wallet” which can then be used by the platform. The DROP tokens available in the Dex investment wallet are completely used by the investment bot operating in whatever mode that was selected by the user during setup.

Investment in the Dex Investment System (DIS) are only made through the Dex investment wallet, and the DROP tokens in the investment wallet can be transferred to it through the user wallet provided. The DROP tokens in the user wallet remain dormant and are not used until they are transferred to the investment wallet. Auto investment event is triggered whenever tokens are transferred to the investment wallet. But in case of token transfer from wallet other than the user wallet such as offline wallet or any exchange, automatic investment will not occur.


Regarding the investments, Dex informs the users with risk associated with the plan chosen by the user. Concerning different modes of investments, it is stated in the white paper that:

The following returns are the estimated standard for each respective mode: Safe mode will average an annual time weighted return of 24‐45% of the principal, Moderate moves the returns estimate to 39‐63%. Finally, Aggressive Mode will return 57‐83% the principal funding. These numbers are solely estimates and not guarantees; however they are arrived at via substantial testing and averaging of actual returns from live trading bots. These figures should not be assumed as best possible outcome, these are the baseline standards that can be reasonably expected.


As for Q2 2018, Dropil achieved its goal of extensive preventive security testing. Improvements regarding testing and security were also made in Dropil’s infrastructure. In May 2018, DEX 2.0 was launched by Dropil which involved major improvements and tweaks in the original DEX platform and a different new look. New Insights dashboard for seeing live system statistics for different aspects of the Dropil environment was also released in June 2018.

During Q3, Arthur 2.0 was released by Dropil in the month of August. This is an updated version of the Arthur trading system provided by the platform, now supporting complex signals and cash-in/cash-out estimation. The goal for partnership with Truwho and KYC verification integration still needs to be met for Q3. A surprise product for the Dropil users is also planned to be released.

For Q4, Dropil aims at releasing Max Universal Smart Wallet. This will provide all the services that other wallet services currently offer but with Dropil’s signature easy-to-use interface. In the month of November, DROP buyback sprints are expected to be offered by Dropil for the eligible KYC verified customers. Dropil merchandise is also planned to be launched by Dropil in the month of December.

For 2019, Dropil has planned to add a full suite “smart” crypto exchange to the Dropil ecosystem. Mobile applications for both iOS and android are also planned to be launched by Dropil.

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