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Dropil Claims to Launch the ‘Toughest’ Crypto Wallet Ever

In a recent press release made by Dropil, a project focused at providing an investment solution to the crypto market, it was announced by the company that it will be launching the toughest wallet in the cryptocurrency arena named ‘Max’.

The main features provided by Max as mentioned in the press release are:

  • Max Security
  • Multi-currency support
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Custom portfolio tracking
  • Smart integration features
  • Smart remote control and notifications
  • Monitor your other wallets (including exchanges) from one convenient location in Max
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Manage multiple wallets with customization features
  • Manage external third party wallets
  • Track historical movement from multiple addresses
  • User defined transaction costs putting you in control of speed and cost
  • Premium features

Max is a smart wallet that provides all the features of the crypto wallets already present in crypto market alongside all the additional smart features that are added by the company. As claimed by Dropil, Max is a user-empowering product and is aimed at expanding the usage of cryptocurrencies among the general public. While maintaining a secure environment, it provides its users and the ability to do more from a single location and perform variety of operations not supported by other crypto wallets.

Security is one of the major feature that Max presents forward to its users. All operations are performed under a powerful multi-layer security fabric. This ensures that the most transparent and secure ecosystem is provided to the users. Users can also keep themselves updated with all the activities that are taking place on their account through the feature of push notifications.

Besides providing security, additional features are provided by Dropil in the form of Telegram account linkage. Users can link their Telegram accounts to Max and can perform a variety of secured operations without needing to log in at all through the help of an array of special insight commands. Smart capabilities and real-time updates regarding account activity keep the users up-to-date with all the happenings.

Smart Telegram assistant provides users with a predefined list of commands to securely interact with their corresponding wallet. These commands can be used to send transactions directly from the Telegram account using 2FA, get information about transactions made, see details about the next recurring transactions etc.

Max also offers the capability of keeping track of one’s entire crypto portfolio. Integration of external wallets allow one to stay up-to-date with all of his/her crypto assets. As stated in the press release:

Max allows you to manage funds outside of your immediate wallet in a number of novel ways from private key importation to software integration. Offering integration for supported external wallets such as Ledger or Trezor gives you powerful tools to conveniently control all of your crypto assets while also being able to monitor your total holdings as single total giving you a more complete assessment of your currencies.

Max also includes the feature of recurring payments, giving users the service of automatic debits. It gives its users the ability to customize their future payments. As stated in the press release:

Setup of automatic debits has long been a common feature in traditional fiat institutions, and the fact that it’s so rare in crypto certainly does not enhance mass adoption. This is why we felt it was important to include a simple way to set up, send, and monitor receipt of such transactions in Max. With Max’s recurring transactions feature, you have the ability to customize future payments to a few or even thousands of other wallets, along with confirmation and pre-send push notifications.

A multi-layer security fabric and the feature of the linkage of Telegram account certainly makes Max stand out among the rest of such products in the market. Although announcing it to be the ‘toughest’ wallet in the crypto arena, that does seem to be a little too ambitious one might say.

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