Dentacoin is Created as a Universal, Industry-Specific Currency, Says Co-Founder Dentacoin

Dentacoin, a cryptocurrency aimed at bringing together the dental community across the world, recently got listed on weiDex, which became the twenty-fourth Dentacoin supporting exchange overall.

Talking to BlockPublisher about this development, the Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin, Jeremias Grenzebach stated:

Each new exchange platform, user of our tools & dental practice accepting DCN brings us one step closer to the adoption we aim for.

Jeremias seemed to emphasize upon the vision that Dentacoin is pursuing. It aims at a large-scale adoption in the dental community across the world. One of its major goals is to build a blockchain-based review platform for the dental care community across different countries so that a transparent and trusted fabric is established helping the all the users of the platform.

Dentacoin presents forward a strong use-case to the world regarding the usage of cryptocurrencies and has been expanding its reach across the world quite rapidly. Besides weiDex, in the past few weeks, Dentacoin also got listed on CoinSwitch, CoinHub and Bitibu exchange.

Previously, the company also stated:

We strive to bring better opportunities for our community with every partnership.

On the weiDex exchange, Dentacoin is available for trading against Ethereum (ETH). A trading fee of 0.1% has also been applied by the platform. During phases of high trading volume, free trading services are provided to the users of the platform. Also, there are no deposit and withdrawal limitations or fees.

Besides getting listed on different exchanges, Dentacoin has also been leaving its footprints in different countries across the globe. It has expanded its reach in countries like USA, Australia, UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, Italy and many more. The vision of building a global community certainly makes Dentacoin a project to look out for in the long run.

It is essentially an ethereum-based blockchain platform and is run on smart contracts. Its major aim is to improve the quality of dental care across the world. As the entire system is based on the blockchain framework, transparency and security are ensured. With no central authority in charge of managing the reviews, every user has a chance of getting his voice heard across the community.

The complete blog post made by Dentacoin regarding the details about weiDex exchange listing can be found here.

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