Bitcoin Last Week, from Winner to Incomprehensible

Bitcoin Lost on Price Charts but Won in Places

The CTO at CasaHODL, Jameson Lopp stated that bitcoin did gain a lot in the past. He explained that bitcoin may not have seen a substantial rise in the price charts but it did see success in many countries such as Colombia, India, Peru and Venezuela. Jameson mentioned that needs generate adoption and as aforementioned countries are need-driven because of banking regulations and financial crisis, bitcoin volume remains uninterrupted in these places.

 The Speculation Intention can’t be Confirmed

Recently, the news broke out that data of about 2,700 bitcoin investors was accessed by the Denmark government. It was done so that the government could make sure that the tax levied on bitcoin investors i.e 53% was not bypassed by any investor. To this, Dan Rocky Aigens, senior SAP consultant at Approxima, commented that it was impossible to prove that bitcoin was bought for speculation. So, Dan suggested that Danish authorities will always charge if money is made on the investment.

Bitcoin is Different than Ethereum

Tuur Demeester, the founder of the Adamant Capital, suggested that ethereum differed with the bitcoin in many ways. He said that ethereum was not as much decentralized as bitcoin and ethereum was a decorated crypto newcomer which was just introduced after the bitcoin. He also pointed out some mutual similarities such as immutability, SoV, asset issuance and smart contracts which were common to both, bitcoin and ethereum.

People Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Dr. Craig S. Wright suggested that IBS artificial intelligence is very far from becoming a part of bitcoin SV due to its complex nature. He stated that people who just listened to Core don’t possess the knowledge of the working and operation of the bitcoin. He further added that as people didn’t have the knowledge, they should keep out and not suggest anything at all.

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