“IBS Cannot Help In Scaling And The Ones Who Think So, Have No Clue About The Bitcoin And The Bitcoin SV”, Exclaims Dr. Craig S. Wright

Dr. Craig S. Wright, the man behind the forked branch of the bitcoin cash, the bitcoin SV comes back with a huge blast stating that there are people who have always opposed what he and his creation stands for and these people have absolutely no clue about his creation and the genesis bitcoin. Dr. Craig suggests that the IBS artificial intelligence is way too complicated to be ever be a part of the SV. The ones who have merely have listened to the Core should keep out as they have trace amount of knowledge for the bitcoin and what the bitcoin SV is set to contain. This is a serious comeback from Dr. Craig after the hatred flame he has been circled up with lately. BlockPublisher jumped into the discourse in order to get around the sentiments from Dr. Craig S. Wright as to what he really thinks his creation is and what relation does the SV has with the original bitcoin.

There are people who go about stating that the IBS can bring a serious change into the crypto world. These people are just done listening to the Core and have no clue about how the bitcoin is so efficient and how it actually operates. With no block template to lock into, there is no chance that this will be a part of the bitcoin SV as SV is bitcoin.

Though Dr. Craig made his point get exposed out in the open, it pointed again to him acting as the next Satoshi Nakamoto brining reforms to coin the crypto matching the genesis version of bitcoin. This has already drawn him much heat from the crypto analysts and the enthusiasts, he seems to be asking for more. At the stage that he is at, all a person can need is fan favour in order bring his idea to realization and for people to admire him.

Dr. Craig did turn his head to a question, the conversation for which has been duly jotted down:

Q: In trying to understand the optimal mechanics of block propagation. Is it desirable that all nodes have a mempool as similar as possible to each other so that blocks can be propagated quickly (e.g. only send the missing/conflicting tx) or is the opposite better?

Dr. Craig S. Wright: No Neither. There are ways to do this at scale. When the patents are published, you will see

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