Except From The Falling Chart Trend With Bitcoin In 2018, There Were A Few Notable Exceptions In Local Markets, Exclaims The Chief Technology Office Of CasaHODL

The chief technology officer of CasaHODL, Jameson Lopp, paints an opposite picture for the bitcoin trends this year that except from the falling charts everywhere, there are few notable marketplaces that had the exactly opposite trends for the price charts. The countries like Colombia, India, Peru, & Venezuela saw the face for bitcoin with a rising trend. 2018 has portrayed itself among the worst periods for the cryptos surprisingly making up some progress in some places where the crypto fashion is on the rush towards elite popularity. The reasons though are yet to be mined out, the out of the place manner for bitcoin has been recorded for future references. BlockPublisher got to talk with the very concerned personality in order to extract some words circling his statement.

Though 2018 has displayed a rather unpleasant behaviour with the bitcoin charts, there were some favourable outcomes regarding bitcoin in some minor marketplaces like Colombia, India, Peru, & Venezuela.

The founder of ANON, the crypto king explains that the basic requirement is the need which generates adoption itself. The places like the US do not offer much need factor as there are other viable options for the locals to resort to whereas the countries the likes of which have been mentioned prior, the NEED factor escalates as there are not feasible options to turn to, hence, keeping the cryptos along the rising trends.

The regulations, the strictness of rules and the mere absence of them are the major reason the people in those countries turn to cryptos to begin with. This generates major traffic towards within these regions and which are harder to quit even with the factors that halt the incoming traffic in the US.

Need facilitates adoption. Places in the world that were speculating like the U.S. it volume drops. Countries like India, Colombia, & Venezuela all are NEED driven due to banking regulations and financial crisis. Here, the volume continues uninterrupted. France is next.

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