Amazon a new Burrow for Unethical Miners?

The world is unpredictable. But, one thing has held truth since forever. It is the sincerity of the bad guys to continue to find creative, frustrating and draining ways to snub people’s rights, assets and items, to manipulate them and to use control over them in a way that furthers their cause instead of the owners. ?‍♀️

Hackers, yes, the black hat hackers. They have taken the internet by storm once again. This time they built a burrow in Amazon’s heart and stole people’s trust, info and computing power.

Monero has remained in news, time and again for its creative and sometimes really pinching ways to mine more currency. The idea is the miners use any way they get to mine more. This leads to several problems as regulation becomes tough. The problem lies in the philosophies of the miners whose morals let them steal power from others even if it means killing their personal computers.

The Xbooster malware has infected a ginormous amount of machines using Windows operating systems to harvest approximately $100,000 worth of monero, according to Krishna Narayanaswamy, founder and chief scientist of Netskope.

People accidentally install this malware, obviously. Who would intentionally? It compromises the quality and the life of your computer once installed and run. It is downloaded accidentally on compromised computers by clicking a link in a “drive-by download.”

This happens through e-mails,or when a compromised website shows up in search results, or when the malware bundled with other types of programs like freeware or shareware is used.

Hackers pirate computers to mine Monero, (as it is more difficult to track than bitcoin) because it’s in the early stages still and the amount of processing power required for minting is still low as of now. Where as the monetary benefit from doing so is more.

Such exploits and booty quests broke through last year, according survey results by IBM Managed Security Services.

The report said that:

The IBM X-Force has noticed a steep increase in the volume of coin central processing unit (CPU) mining tools used in cyber attacks, specifically those targeting enterprise networks.

There is reportedly, more than a sixfold increase in such activities. Why are people so shady, seriously!?

While we are nobody to judge them for their actions, but lets hope regulatory bodies do their jobs and find avid control over this. If you are like me, i would take a minute to cool you down. Do not be paranoid next time your laptop is acting up, it does not mean that malware is hitting it hard in its shin. It could be the regular system overload.

And, if you are too chill, please be vary about such scams and plunder schemes that may have your Personal Computer (focus on the word, personal, obviously) under serious attack whereby some unethical loosely moralized hacker is trying to plant malware on your computer using it to mint their money. That is true oppression that Marx talked about.

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