ZelCore, a Digital Multi-Wallet Hosting 50 Cryptos Now Includes BitcoinZ

BitcoinZ jumps into an already dense pool of cryptos which constitute the digital multi-wallet that is ZelCore. ZelCore, previously known as ZelTrez has provided its framework to other such 50 digital assets which can be processed, along with the fact that ZelCore has come up with a well developed android and iOS application too. BitcoinZ seeks to attain a permanent status of being among the top cryptos with this feat and is set to cover up similar checkpoints over its success chronology.

ZelCore is now available as mobile multiwallet for both iOS and Android, hosting bitcoinZ and 50 other crypto! The Community members have one more excellent option for storing, using and soon for exchanging their btcz!

ZelCore’s method of processing is shaped right to bring the easy and magnificent means to keep record of the current crypto balance for the user in addition to providing the facility to perform transactions the way the user wants to. BitcoinZ informs its current users of the latest features that comes with siding with the mobile device supported multi-wallet, ZelCore. Though ZelCore has its own crypto termed as the ZelCash, the ZelCore exchange has nevertheless incorporated other cryptos, supporting them altogether.

Along with the most recent participant of the multi-wallet, bitcoinZ, ZelCore also boasts the crypto juggernauts like the grand bitcoin and its rival altcoins, ethereum and litecoin. ZelCash, tether and zcash are among the other less dominant version of the digital assets that populate the multi-wallet exchange. As far as the security protocols for the mobile exchange are concerned, they assure the user that no information is stored during transactions or at the time any critical task is being performed. Allowing more than one login over a single device, the developers have designed a platform where no information is either stored or is available to any other user that roams the platform, possibly a scammer.

Considering ZelCore as a single exchange would be a loosely said statement as several exchanges constitute the framework of ZelCore enabling the transactions of 50 digital assets. ShapeShift, Changelly and Kyber are the said exchanges that a ZelCore user can transact the wanted digital asset from, over desktop or a handheld mobile device.

BitcoinZ is a seemingly rebellious crypto which seeks to build itself so as to withstand the test of time and to spread the word around the globe about the latest revolution that it brings with it. Using social media to its advantage and siding with major groups and companies (exchange companies), bitcoinZ is on its way towards being termed among the crypto elites, building up a chance for itself to pass by the oncoming crypto extinction massacre (in case it happens, to begin with). Though we have witnessed a single milestone for the bitcoinZ folks, they reflect over their many other similar milestones in the makings.

Something very special for bitcoinZ (and not only) has happened…

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