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BitcoinZ deems most of the coins as 'dead', claiming it bears the potential to survive the crypto massacre.

BitcoinZ, which is branded as a cryptocurrency bearing the positive features of bitcoin besides from major newly instated improvements, clarifies its previous comments about the mass crypto extinction that there is no predictable possibility that when the extinction is set to occur though it sure is imminent. BitcoinZ folks had commented that companies are coming up with a crypto token of their own which has crowded the crypto space. Keeping a mere few of the strongest cryptos is the need of the hour which can in return keep the monopoly away from hands of a single crypto.

BitcoinZ folks have talked about the crypto extinction event that ‘they see it happening’ enticing the questions whether bitcoinZ would make it through. The bitcoinZ representative regards that having multiple cryptocurrencies is a good omen as competition can put strain on the companies to come up with a better system of their own.

But things turn for the worst as weak or soon to turn ‘dead’ coins pollute the crypto markets. The extinction event is to serve as the filter that is supposed to sift out those dead coins. Those who will bear the potential to pass through with the flow of the crypto market are the ones with the great teams and leadership which will aid keeping their existence intact. BitcoinZ puts things as,

…not saying it’s just around the corner but I see it happening. There’s lots of dead coins whereas there’s still a lot of coins with great developers and community members like #BTCz #InDecentralizationWeTrust

Most of the altcoins following the path bitcoin etched, feature decentralization in their systems which is the revolutionary technology of today, brought to the limelight by the emerging cryptocurrencies. BitcoinZ also incorporates decentralization into the mix that sets to take the power from a single hand and distribute it throughout the system. It is titled as the ‘Democracy of Finance’ as a single user bears the same amount of power as the others have, as it is a hybrid peer-to-peer communication.

BitcoinZ, has described itself worthy of passing through the crypto extinction filter stating that ‘there’s still a lot of coins with great developers and community members like bitcoinZ’. This tends to coincide with the remedy bitcoinZ suggested in the first place that companies which are stabilized by the most efficient and diligent of teams will be named among the survivors. The previous statement bitcoinZ put forth against the question that what cryptos will likely make it till the end of the crypto apocalypse, reads as,

I think it’s coming. Cryptos with actual teams behind them will have a better chance of surviving.

With bitcoinZ siding with the ones who are destined to make it big event after much of the competition is wiped out in their entirety, other cryptos who accompany bitcoinZ along the path are going to strive for the best. Coming up with continuous innovations in technology with a sound team working behind the curtains is, in a nutshell, what the bitcoinZ folks regard as the sole tactic to remain over the crypto radar for good.

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