With Docademic (MTC), Free Health Care Will Soon be a Reality

By now, I think what would surprise people more about the blockchain tech is that if it didn’t have an adverse affect on a certain aspect as opposed to the alternative, whereby it continues to evolve the traditional world as we know it. The blockchain tech has finally struck the world of health care and medicine with Docademic.

According to the World Bank And the World Health Organization, about half of the world lacks access to even the most basic healthcare. Health care expenses are forcing hundreds of people into poverty. Currently, nearly a billion people spend a large percent of their household income on health expenses for themselves, a sick child or another family member.

Docademic takes pride in being the only cryptocurrency working on making free health care a reality, through universalization, integration and improvement of medicine with the help of AI and Blockchain. The ethos of Docademic lies in its belief of a world where everyone has access to quality healthcare and not just the privileged few.

All about Docademic

The promising ICO project hailing from Mexico, the Docademic platform was based on Ethereum. It is a single globally sourced healthcare service platform for the public that begins with free Human Doctor-AI assisted Video. This application allows free of cost service of ‘telemedicine’ through which a patient and his doctor can be connected instantly. Through the app, you can get medical suggestions and recommendations from doctors that can help you improve your health.

The Docademic platform delivers high-end services such as,

  • Real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting
  • Automated AI-Driven treatment
  • Diagnosis suggestions for Doctors in institutions or private practice
  • Massive access to patient populations for preventative campaigns
  • Access to Docademic´s advanced proprietary Tools, such as its AI-assisted Electronic Health Record and Digital Vademecum.

The Docademic app

The Docademic app is built on top of its existing patient data routing and AI assisted technologies that are soon to be blockchain enabled. With its simplicity of use it becomes the ultimate resource for anyone who needs direction in a health-related issue—a one-touch system that connects any patient with a doctor in any part of the world. Moreover, all the patient information remains secured on a Blockchain.

The Docademic app for doctors

The Docademic app provides doctors with a social network that offers ongoing medical education, patient referrals, tools for doctor’s everyday practice, and real time reporting of epidemiological data for clients and researchers.

The Medical Token Currency

The Medical Token Currency (MTC) is used as a fuel for all the services provided by Docademic. According to the whitepaper, the MTC has three functions

  1. As Crypto Token users can pay for products and services on all our platforms;
  2. As the currency that interacts with the blockchain docademic stores patient and healthcare data in.
  3. As a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

Further Docademic will not limit the usage of the MTC taken. Therefore, very much like Bitcoin, Ethereum’s ETH and Ripple’s XRP, the MTC token may be utilized by any company or organization.

We envision MTC could even become the preferred standard Token used to pay for all services provided by the broader Healthcare industry, as participants gradually migrate to decentralized platforms.

How is Docademic able to provide free services?

Docademic provides analytical data to private healthcare industries, which enables companies to identify prescription medication that is working. With this approach, Docademic is able to revamp its sales strategies and afford to offer free services.

John McAfee’s unprecedented support

Docademic has the very public blessings from the famous crypto visionary, John McAfee himself. In fact, he dubbed the Docademic (MTC) as “a diamond in the rough”. Which benefits the public outlook of Docademic as it is seen as a good investment, considering it already has products and services sold to paying clients with a practical white paper and road map. While speaking on CNBC AFRICA, McAfee mentioned that Docademic is enabling access to affordable and quality health services in remote locations.

The team behind Docademic  

The team behind Docademic

Docademic advisors

Docademic’s Advisors

The Docademic community offers more than 8000 treatments per month across 20 countries using the Docademic app monthly and 1000 doctors on the Docademic for Doctors platform. Docademic’s growth seems to be written in the stars.

Abeer Anwaar

Abeer holds a Bachelors degree in Media studies and covers blockchain startups for BlockPublisher. An optimist, excels in the art of the written word and swears by the joy of all things sweet. Contact the editor at editor.startups@blockpublisher.com


  1. Docademic is a force to be reckoned with. It’s going to really help many many people around the world. This company will be big!

  2. Docademic is real project, genius project, living project, humanitarian project, registered project… I trust Docademic Team & Mr. Charles. Every day you will do best.

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