What is Satoshi Dice?

Satoshi Dice is one of the bitcoin games that have gained popularity for tumbling money. But, this does not mean that they work with the mob or the makers made this for the dark web. The game is really only a game. The game can be used with a great deal of risk, like any other casino game, to jumble up the bitcoin winnings and make a clean fortune.

Here is how to play it:

  1. Send Bitcoin Cash to an address that belongs to the Dice to place a bet.

2. The Ghost of Satoshi will roll the dice and pick a Lucky Number!

3. You win if the Lucky number is less than the number you chose.

The game is really simple, most people are already familiar with the format and you do not need a subscription or a membership or account to play it. No premium as well. The good part is that unlike some casinos you do not need to wait to cash out, the pay out is quite almost instant. The game is provably fair, we can check this at an online checker for ourselves, i liked this bit, as this means that they are not joking, anything that is not provably fair can be tossed in the bin and flagged for scam.

The best thing about crypto casinos is that you can play and gamble from any place in the web. This makes them very very accessible. The game can be enjoyed in all places of the world even where gambling may be illegal. This helps decentralize the gambling industry and open new avenues. So, let’s go ahead and play from anywhere at all.

The website claims that their dice has been rolled in six figure number of times to place bets. There is a generic 37.5% win chance in all bets. The rest depends on the player. Satoshi Dice only allows players to use Bitcoin Cash. Any other sum sent will be used by them for their development after conversion. Anonymity is guaranteed through a pseudonym that the players chose when they sign up.

It is said that the system exists solely within the RAM of an abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone which was left in a subway station in Tokyo, and powers itself by feeding off the ghost of the late Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus the ghost, who knew that the makers has such a sense of humor!

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