What Does A Crypto Guy Fear More, A Bear Run, Or An Actual Bear?

Crypto is a strange world. This world is often tagged as something that is antithetical to the traditional financial framework of the world. The world of rogues. The misfits. But let’s discuss something this relatively newly found world fears the most.

If a wild bear appears out of nowhere and stands right in front of you, will you be scared? My guess is sure you will. Unless you are protected by an invisible shield. I don’t know. But point is that ‘normal people’ will get scared.

But if a wild bear appears out of nowhere in front of a crypto enthusiast, and at the same time, he gets a notification on his phone that the ‘bear run’ of the crypto market has worsened and bitcoin has fallen down to nothing, which thought do you think will take a hold of his headspace? A bear is here to kill him, or that he just lost all his investments? “All that HODL for this?

Apparently, ‘the bear run’ is currently disrupting the peace of a lot of ‘headspaces’ right now in the crypto arena.


A lot of individuals and the projects which had raised investments in crypto tokens are actually worried currently owing to the bear run of the market that is going on for quite some time. Nobody in the crypto arena wants to lose money. Puff, who even wants that in real life too wit fiat…come on!

Prices are going down continuously. The people who saw the glory days of the cryptocurrency world back in November and December of 2017 are left wanting more of that. Sitting on the sidelines with party poppers in their hands, these ‘HODLers’ as they call themselves are waiting for the prices to go up so that they can storm social media platforms with ‘Hey! Told y’all to wait and watch, it’s our time now!’

But this bear run. It isn’t stopping. People are afraid it might never. The bear run has become the stuff of nightmares for the crypto followers. Fear has taken over. A lot of crypto projects have laid off a lot of employees. Staffs are being cut down to squeeze out more money by various crypto startups in order to expand their runways. It literally feels like an actual bear running towards a crypto enthusiast and an investor is less likely to intimidate him than the bear run of the crypto market.

If a guy with investments in crypto is sleeping, just never whisper ‘T h e B e a r R u n’ in his ears. Yup, just never do that.

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