‘Bitcoin (BTC) Is The Better Money’, Explains Pompliano As The Current Bear Market Reaches The Record 411th Day

With the crypto market setting a new record for the longest bear market reaching to a total of 411th day, the founder and partner for the Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano suggests that the bitcoin is still the most sound and the better form of money than any other of its peers or the fiats. With this sounding rather offensive and not true to others who accept the fact that there are other great crypto ventures and coins that can contend with bitcoin for being the best crypto ever, Pomp is more inclined towards declaring bitcoin the undisputed winner among the cryptos and any other form of money. Anthony Pompliano attempts to put forth some facts that he considers can compel one into investing into cryptos. His other constituents include the likes of blockchain technology that is the best carrier of the information as we transact money from one place or form to another. He believes that every asset will be tokenized in the future and with the blockchain holding the framework, other people and investors will embark the crypto revolution which will further propel cryptos towards prosperity. BlockPublisher got the chance to discuss the matter with the man and was able to extract some remarks over the exact discourse.

I have built a 4 part core thesis stating that the crypto revolution is the most required thing of this fiscal era with Bitcoin being the better form of money. The future will have every asset tokenized with blockchain holding the the system pushing towards automation.

The cryptos have started been clogged with centralization as per Pomp which is the least thing the cryptos need. To run over the very basis of the cryptos is not a decent thing to do as sticking to the basic roots is what coaxes other investors to start pouring investments in and reaping their share of the reward as cryptos have turned into a massive revenue making machine expect from the bear markets which is the time the investors start jumping aboard. A crypto analyst and investor, Ecent has his own remarks about bitcoin being the greatest form of money.

Even as someone who remains skeptical about BTC, I think the thesis is fair. BTC is better than fiat (which goes to show how flawed fiat is). That doesn’t automatically mean it’s still the best solution to the problem today but that point doesn’t negate the thesis.

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