Want To Become A Blockchain Genius? Vienna Might Be The Place For You!

Now that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have captured the minds and fantasies of top academics and researchers worldwide, we are witnessing a surge in the attempts to integrate this technology within our more formal education in the way of books for toddlers.

However, that’s not all. Thanks to an Austrian enterprise, now it is quite possible to pursue your PhD in how blockchain can be a truly disruptive economic force in the current market.

That’s right! As per a press release by the Austrian Blockchain Center, the country’s capital will be the first to host the world’s largest technology competency center that aims to be the place to offer, “Blockchain (and related) technologies to be applied in industrial applications like industry 4.0 / IoT as well as financial, energy, logistics, government and administrative applications.”

This initiative is the brainchild of the COMET Center and the Austrian Blockchain Center and will focus on sectors such as financial, IoT, energy, and logistics along with applications in the public and administrative sectors.

As per the release,

“The R&D themes of the center have been organized in 5 Areas targeting economic,
technological, applications as well as political and legal topics interfacing with existing
COMET centers like CDP, SBA as well as international Blockchain initiatives.”

According to Alfred Taudes who is the academic director and coordinator of the centre,

“An interdisciplinary approach is necessary for comprehensive research into and use of blockchain technology, which is why ABC partners from many different disciplines work together. The centre is a great opportunity for Austria to stay in touch with the high-tech giants in the USA and Asia in this promising field. The support of so-called ‘hidden champions’ (i.e. owner-managed world market leaders hardly known to the public) is important to us.”

The five areas in question are, Cryptography, Technology & Security, Cryptoeconomic Modelling & Blockchain Applications for Business, Emerging Industries & Blockchains in Manufacturing,  Data Science Methods for Blockchain Analytics & Predictions and finally, Legal and Political Implications.

The center hopes that the “new applications and business models resulting from collaborations between established players, innovative startups and top R&D institutes will be the key for the creation of new jobs and establishing Austria among the top ten innovative countries in Europe.”

Just thinking of the possibilities and doors centers like this might open up for crypto enthusiasts and educationists makes us giddy. You know blockchain tech is here to stay when there are actual individuals willing to pay for a crypto education. And we are absolutely here for it!


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