“Blockchain For Babies” Hits Shelves But It Might Not Be Just For Kids

From the author of a widely acclaimed book series that brought us books like Quantum Physics For Babies or Rocket Science For Babies, comes a brand new way to keep those pesky toddlers engaged with pure unadulterated education.

“Blockchain For Babies” is the brainchild of Quantum Physicist/writer Chris Ferrie who also currently teaches at Sydney University’s Centre for Quantum Software and has a passion for simplifying complex phenomenons in order to get everyone involved and hopefully excited.

This news comes at a time where everyone wants to get in on the action regarding blockchain but most people just ride the hype wave and don’t actually have a clue about the fascinating underlying technology behind what we believe is the next internet.

Although other books in the series like Blockchain For Babies are a wonderful way of exposing your child to important information early on, it might have a far wider audience. Because, well, even adults need to revisit their ABC’s from time to time.

Why do we think the book might be of value to the average adult? Because the book does an extraordinarily good job of explaining the way the basics behind blockchain via the Merkle-tree ledger which is basically the structure that keeps all our data safe, secure and easily verifiable on the blockchain.

The book, which is currently available on Amazon is written in the simplest language possible and can be yours for a measly $7.66 and can be found alongside other Baby University legends such as ABCs of Engineering, Robotics for Babies and Neural Networks for Babies.

And babies seem to love it!

Reiterating that his books were there to benefit both parents and their kids, Ferrie said in an interview with Crastina, where he said he felt that even if children are exposed to educational books such as his from an early age, “…Kids will always learn more from the passive interactions with their parents and teachers.” Which is why he feels that in order to do away with this learnt no can do behaviour, he wants “parents, and hence children, to not fear physics and mathematics and to see that, maybe, it can even be fun.”

The overwhelming response that Blockchain For Babies has garnered via the internet is surely a testament to the fact that no matter the age, knowledge about the blockverse might quickly become the standard for educational programs and schools everywhere.

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