U.S. Top Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange is Backed by Tennis Superstar

4 times Olympic gold medal winner and record breaking American tennis player, Serena Williams, recently revealed her secret venture fund in her Instagram post. The post mentioned, how she’s been running the venture fund namely “Serena Ventures”, since 2014 and has been investing in companies that show great potential. The company listed in her post that caught the eye of the crypto world is Coinbase, the U.S. based top bitcoin and  crypto exchange.

Her Instagram post read:

“In 2014, (yes I know I can keep a secret) I launched Serena Ventures with the mission of giving opportunities to founders across an array of industries. Serena Ventures invests in companies that embrace diverse leadership, individual empowerment, creativity and opportunity.
Slide right to see a few brands in our portfolio. We have so many exciting things coming up!”

Venture funds are pools of invested money, portions of which are invested in companies that show great potential and maximized return options.

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The post also mentioned the list of companies that the venture fund has invested in, which surprisingly included big names like Masterclass and Coinbase. Coinbase investment has never been brought up by Serena or Coinbase, hence it struck as a point of surprise for the crypto community. Although mere a name in the list of invested companies, many articles have been written regarding the investment. This simply showed the interest that the world has started to develop in crypto and it is a great sign for the crypto industry. This news is also aligned with the signs of recent bitcoin bull run. Recent events in the crypto industry will help Coinbase with extra marketing considering how influential Serena Williams is. Big institutions and venture funds investing in companies related to crypto is also strengthening the backbone of crypto industry.

Investment in Coinbase took most of the highlight as it is the only crypto firm in the list. Judging by the popularity and growth of Coinbase, it is safe to assume that all the companies the fund invested in are smartly picked. The time of investment and the amount of money invested in Coinbase, still remains a secret. Coinbase, the US-based crypto exchange, is arguably one of the biggest crypto exchanges of the world which deals in the most trusted and leading cryptos. Its recent index allows trading of bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). The exchange previously allowing the trade of Ethereum Classic, but with the news of the recent 51% attack, they delisted the currency in order to keep the quality of the platform up to the mark with secure trading options.

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Another aspect of this massive reveal is that the venture fund has smartly invested in products that show promising business modes, mostly centered around lifestyle, fitness and women products. This makes sense as Serena herself is also one of the biggest torch bearer of feminism. In fact, the fund also showed her investment in her female clothing brand ‘S by Serena‘. Ranked number 1 for the longest duration and on multiple occasions by the Women’s tennis organizations (WTO), the tennis superstar remains one of the most successful tennis player. Her efforts to push for women and black rights has also made her one the most influential athlete of recent times, that also helps with the advertisement of her seemingly personal venture fund.

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Partnerships like these with prominent sports athletes and organizations have also yielded positive results for crypto industry in the past. For example, the partnership of Litecoin with UFC, was a great step ahead for the awareness of crypto and adoption on a bigger level. With investments of this level flooding indirectly into crypto, combined with expected crypto bull run and the much waited ETF decision, will actually help institutional investments directly into crypto startups and cryptocurrencies. This in return, will help cryptos for mainstream adoption.

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