Litecoin (LTC) Reddit: Litecoin makes another presence at UFC 235

Over the past week, Litecoin has gained a remarkable notice from its users along with the UFC 235 clique as Ben Askren the UFC 235 celebrity wore a Litecoin Foundation shirt. In a not too different news, Litecoin also partnered with GLORY which will now sell its merchandise in LTC along with is fiat on its official merchandise website. Also, Xinxin Wang, director a Litecoin Foundation sat in for an interview, while Loitecoin Foundation made a good try at selling K-POP tickets in LTC. As bitcoin ATMs gain popularity, cryptocurrencies can now also be bought at convenient stores, as is done in one of them in Toronto.

Here is a quick glimpse of Litecoin stories trending on the r/litecoin subreddit.

Litecoin seen at UFC 235

People loved it when Ben Askren, the famous UFC fighter shared his story of making a purchase with LTC, he further went on encouraging the community to embrace crypto. The celebrity athlete has perhaps been so encouraging for the cryptocurrency that redditors noticed that he was wearing a Litecoin saying “#PayWithLitcoin” along with a very noticeable ‘litecoin’ label on it. His appearance in the T-shirt was seen in UFC 235 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3 (a more clear look can be seen at 1:50 of the episode), published on February 27.

Earlier in January, Askren also posted a video on twitter expressing his excitement for Litecoin Foundation sponsoring him for UFC 235.

Litecoin partners with GLORY

This week Litecoin partnered with GLORY Kickboxing, world’s premier kickboxing league. With the partnership the merchandise at GLORYshop.com, their official website, is now being sold in LTC. According to Litecoin Foundation thanks to the partnership GLORY has become “the first professional sports league to integrate Litecoin into the end-to-end fan experience.” With the partnership set, Litecoin will gain popularity in a  new set of audience, and will receive a globla exposure given that GLORY is  an international brand. According to blog, Litecoin Foundation states: “we see these types of partnerships as opportunities to tap into passionate audiences around the globe and educate them on the power of Litecoin.”

Director of Litecoin Foundation, Xinxi Wang Interviewed

The director of the Litecoin Foundation and also one of the core developers of Litecoin, Xinxi Wang gave an interview with Financial Underground Kingdom. Among the key highlights of the interview, Wang expressed that he joined Litecoin because “Litecoin had a much more efficient and coherent team.” He was also asked about his project, Coinut.com a crypto exchange meant for trading in the Singaporean dollar and the USD dollar. For the exchange, LTC is one of the three cryptocurrencies that can be used. As for the wallet preference for the usage of LTC, Wang strongly recommended Loaf thanks to its credibility and usability. When asked about whether Litecoin would move to a PoS system like Ethereum, Wang refuted saying that the PoW system is far more secure than the PoS system. When asked to predict the price of LTC at the time of the LTC halving, Wang replied: “Check 2015. Perhaps this year can be even better than in 2015 because of lightning network and the coming privacy features.”

Feel the K-POP

Two day ago, Litecoin Foundation tweeted that Ultra-VIP tickets for a K-POP concert were available and could be bought in LTC – 8 LTC for a position in the third or the fourth row, and 10 LTC for a place in the first or the second row.

Buy Crypto in Downtown Toronto

A convenience store on Queen street, Downtown Toronto  called Express to Go sells crypto coins including LTC, BTC, ETH and B-cash.

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