Tron (TRX) Briefly Surpasses USDT To Move 8th While Bitcoin Plummets Suddenly

The cryptocurrency price market has delivered mixed sentiments during the day’s movement as the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has suffered a rather abrupt slide downhill. This comes after days of encouragement after BTC had held up over the psychologically important $4,000 mark but now sees itself drop back down to near $3,800. Bitcoin also dragged down the likes of Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) during the day’s action.

However, the reds throughout the market were not spread entirely as shining light came surprisingly via Tron, the 9th largest crypto on the market. Tron doubled its price over the last month and saw gains of 1.85% during the day.

Tron aims to become the largest blockchain platform to support digital apps (dApps) and is led by one of the most prominent voices in the crypto space, that of Justin Sun. 

Tron has recently received greater appreciation from developers and and investors as they are increasingly being lured towards the project. It celebrated its one millionth user account last month and Dave, Community Manager for the Super Representative Tron Society recently revealed in an interview with BlockPublisher that the project aims to bring internet freedom back.

In the same interview, Dave discussed the team behind the project and the diversity of backgrounds involved. He stated:

The [Tron] team is global, not just the Tron foundation but the super representative are all around the world, from America to Europe to South Africa, there is great communication between everyone involved.

The lone upward movement shown by TRX indicates of encouragement to its prospects, as it aims to decentralize the web and become adopted into the mainstream. Its utmost application is to curb the pertinent centralization of the internet with the likes of Google and Facebook, who have previously been accused of selling their user data to high bidders.

Tron’s range of customers continues to grow rapidly, as it competes itself to become larger than Ethereum in the digital apps space over blockchain. Dave revealed that its clientage includes everyone that wants their online freedom to return. He told:

The target audience of Tron is anybody who wants their online freedom back.


Razi Khan

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