TRON (TRX) Aims To Bring Back The Internet To The People And Ensure User Data Privacy

In an age where user data is subjugated, manipulated and compromised in numerous ways from several centralized social media platforms and the modern age internet, the application of blockchain and its decentralized feature of operation has become ever more imperative. To that notion, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, Tron, aims to find solutions to the persistent problem of the “damaged internet”.

The basic vision behind the creation and operation of Tron is to provide a decentralized version of the internet. The idea was shared by Dave, who is the Community Manager for the Super Representative Tron Society. He was speaking to BlockPublisher, where he reported that Tron aims to bring the internet back to the people and provide 100% ownership of data to the user. He said:

The main vision of Tron is to decentralise the web, Tron aims to bring the internet back to the people. We have seen the rise of the likes of Google and Facebook dominate the internet, most people who use the internet use a product that is likely to be owned by one of the big players without realising they are using it and by doing so their data is then stored by these big names.

Tron is built over a reliable network structure that provides intrinsic value and a higher degree of decentralization consensus which is coupled with improved reward distribution. According to Dave, TRX brings back the “freedom” that the internet initially provided and ensures user data is not sold to any keen eyed third parties. He stated:

Tron wants to give the end user the freedom that the internet was intended for, e.g communicate with each other in a private manner with the knowledge that their information is not being shared to “the highest bidder”.

The optimum throughput of TRX, providing more than 2,000 transactions per second (TPS) on the blockchain have been recorded to beat the likes of Ethereum (ETH) 25 and Bitcoin (BTC) 6 TPS. Moreover, applications are deployed in a variety of ways over Tron, owing to its scalability and highly effective smart contracts mechanism.

TRX sits comfortably 9th on the CoinMarketCap at a relatively meager value of $0.026 at press time and a total market cap of $2.2558 billion, but its greater value and application lies more in its service provision rather than the price and market.

Razi Khan

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