Trending: Crypto-Games.net, The Worst Bitcoin Casino?

I came across a whole bunch of testimonials about crypto games being an okay – horrible casino.

And then i saw it trending on Bitstrip as the top third of all.

Okay so i was confused. Life is so complex. Things rarely make sense. Times are changing, but marketeers are the same. They pay people to write bad stuff, they pay people to write good stuff, where is the journalist’s neutrality? Where is it? Right.

Let’s see. Let’s explore the world of crypto-games, perhaps it is worse than what i found out or better than what was written.

It offers Dice and Slots. Two fairly decent crypto options for gambling games i feel. It uses a currency called “Play Money”, a currency holding no value. You can transfer your coins, exchange and all the general rules apply.

Available are the three most common cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Then recently, another absurd altcoin added was the widely unknown DarkGold, a coin only added for promotion purposes it appears.

Dice is the normal dice you play and enjoy everywhere. Only this time, the graphics are worse, the speed and the interface is horrible, and you will not be remotely as satisfied as anyone else.

The good thing though is that the house edge is a low 1%, there’s an auto-betting feature, and roll speeds are fair. The house edge is lower on BitcoinCasino.io though. But, well let’s see if something else is good enough.

Instead of the classic layout crypto-games’s dice shows bets on the right hand side of the screen, instead of the area below. I would not call it a rebel move though.

When betting, there is a small split-second lag between the click and the outcome, this one is the most heartbreaking i find. We are here to play after all, give us some speed and give us some originality.

Instead, the bets take so long to show up that you can see if you won or lost faster by looking at your account balance.

Crypto-Games’ Slots is the better option none the less, not as disappointing, only a little sad.

Currently there is one single “fruits” game option. Nothing is new: same symbols, and similar payouts. Slots still has its flaws.

The way you place your bet is different. Of course it had to be! You can either add or decrease your bet in bits by either 10, 100, or 1000.

This means if you’re wanting to place a bet of 1350 bits, it could take you several clicks and some time to do that.  Again, other casinos and their slot games do offer better player care and chances to win, but well, gotta work with what we have got.

There is no double, half, or maximum bet buttons which is okay by me but not for many other players i found out. However to look at the brighter side of the virtual casino, the sound that is played on each spin of the slot, and each visit an upbeat song that really brings up the mood. Sweet no? Slightly sour for them i guess.

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  1. I think crypto-games are one of the best crypto casinos I found on the internet. They have very big faucets and sending rewards for chatting. PlayMoney “currency” is also cool – you have unlimited number of faucets and if you win enough of them, you can exchange them for real crypto. For me it’s number one!

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