This Week in Crypto & Blockchain – From Wallcoin to Ethereum’s Updates

Here are some of the recent major happenings of the crypto and blockchain world that you should probably be aware of if you are interested in this space.


A U.S. Representative Warren Davidson has suggested the idea of using a cryptocurrency in order to crowdfund the famous US-Mexico wall, a plan that has been put forward by the U.S. President Donald Trump a lot of times.

If this idea of using a crowdfunding cryptocurrency (Wallcoin?) is implemented, normal citizens would be able to participate in the wall’s funding. Let’s see if it takes form of not.

Blockstack’s Funding Solution

While various crypto projects are struggling to find fundings in order to sustain themselves, Blockstack is not that worried. The blockchain startup raised an amount of around $54 million in 2016 and 2017. But in order to make the project sustainable in the long run, some conditions were imposed on the raised fund so that the funding is not burnt out quickly. Recently, the project unlocked approximately $25 million after reaching the goal of establishing a network with real users.

The move of locking the funds has proven to be quite beneficial for the project overall. While various projects are laying off employees to expand their runways, Blockstack is taking a sigh of relief.

Opera Steps Into the Game

Opera is one of the well-renowned browsers right now and it recently released an Android version of the browser that is “Web-3 ready”. The browser has an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet and with this access to cryptos has been made easier for the users.

The browser was previously in beta and after seeing the growing demand, the company decided to go all in on the product.

Kraken’s Fundraising

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange Kraken recently started its fundraising round with the firm being valued at $4 billion.

The CEO of the company announced that the shares of Kraken could be bought with a $100,000 minimum mark.

It was also explained by the CEO that the company already has a lot of reserves and this move should not be seen as a necessity. This is being done to align the interests of the company with its top clients and to build a war chest in the time of a market crisis.

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