Blockchain to Blockborder? Crypto & Blockchain Recap – 16th December 2018

The crypto and blockchain world moves crazy fast and here are some of the recent happenings of this world that you probably need to be aware of.

Blockchain to Blockborder?

The topic of building a wall at the US-Mexico border has been percolating around since the elections. Now, a U.S. Representative Warren Davidson has suggested the option of using a cryptocurrency to raise fundings for the wall.

It was suggested by the Congressman in an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep recently. If this is implemented, the general public will be able to fund the construction of the wall.

A Wallcoin? Wonder what’s next.

Status Troubles

The bear run of the crypto market that has been going on for quite some time and it has seen various startups struggle with their finances. In the hindsight of this, a well-renowned messaging app present within the Ethereum ecosystem Status has decided to cut off 25% of its employees. This news was given to the employees on Monday by the co-founder Jarrad Hope.

This move is seen as a result of the large price drop that ETH has witnessed over the past year. According to a news source, the startup holds somewhere around 190,000 ETH. Issues with the banking partners also made the startup cut down its size.

Jarrad also elaborated that another evaluation will be made at the end of Q2 so that further strategy can be made regarding the runway of the project depending on the financial conditions.

A Way Around for Token Sale?

ICOs nowadays are facing a lot of regulatory strictness owing to the illegal activities associated with them. But the senior advisor of the regulatory body in charge, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Valerie Szczepanik has hinted that there might be a way around to conduct token sales without getting registered as securities

With no-action letters, a way could be provided to those issuers who claim they can maintain investor protection and do not intend to be registered as securities.

But with this comes certain conditions, the issuers will have to strictly abide by the terms proposed in the proposal. Let’s see how this move turns out for the world of token sales.

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