These Blockchain Healthcare Projects Are Paving The Way To The Future

We’d like to think that blockchain based technology is more than just a popular fad that will go away into oblivion as the hype dies down and we have our reasons. One has to look no further than the entire concept of a decentralized digital platform where all men are actually created equal, since no one really owns anything. Everyone does.

To the naysayers, this seemed like a well though out hoax or something that just wouldn’t last. Now, fast forward 10 years and we see that the rise of the cryptos has only just begun. From being featured in Samsung phones to soon becoming the only way to buy anything in Sweden, blockchain technology IS the future whether some of us would like to accept this or not.

And the possibilities and benefits are endless!

One of the most interesting and potentially life saving areas where blockchain has ventured out is the art of health care, A.K.A, saving people’s lives. Some of the most cutting edge healthcare products that need more recognition include,


According to the official Dentacoin blog, “Dentacoin is the first Blockchain solution for the global dental industry. This is a unique business model, which uses the natural shape and state of the existing industry and introduces efficiencies on specific problems.”

It further states that the company’s mission is not only to make dental care more accessible for everyone but also to make sure that care is the best. This is achieved via their Dentacoin token which can be used to access all their products, their Dentacare app that ensures a thorough follow up with patients and an innovative dental clinic model that has allowed the company to make leaps and bounds in the healthcare industry.


Medicalchain is another fascinating blockchain based healthcare solution that uses encrypted and digitized health records that your health practitioner can access via  the platform with an unequaled ease. Like the Medicalchain website states, the goal is to use blockchain to “securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truth.”

The blockchain startup which has even been featured on Forbes also allows provides greater agency to patients and helps “organisations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists and health insurers(…)to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose and record transactions on the distributed ledger.”

Project Shivom

We’ve all heard of Ancestry.com and the increased need that has come up to know your entire lineage, but what we don’t know is how this information that resides within our DNA could actually help our health.

That’s where Project Shivom comes in which according to it’s website, the project aims to devlop a global DNA database “By leveraging the latest advancements in genomics, cryptography, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, our platform aims to democratize genomic sequencing in-order to provide individuals with the ability to securely store their DNA data and automate their health and wellness.”

We might be getting a head of ourselves here but that sounds a little bit like the plot of dystopian thriller movies like “The Island” or our personal favourite, “Never Let Me Go” where science has allowed medical industries to clone individuals and then harvest the clones for vital organs.

Or, this could help identify possibly life threatening diseases and help save many lives.

Or, well, both.

We’re definitely excited to find out! Stay tuned in to this space for more updates if that ever becomes a reality.


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  1. Beowulf Blockchain and Bach Mai Hospital signed an agreement to implement Beowulf Telemedicine technology, with the aim of providing real-time video conferencing for remote clinical consultations and medical trainings. .

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