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The Crypto Adoption is Yet to Overcome a Massive Hurdle, Says Ran NeuNer

Ran NeuNer, the founder of the OnChain Capital, ponders over the recent trends and views about the cryptos and the milestones the crypto market has accomplished so far. Cryptos are described either as the breakout technology progeny of the century or branded as the mere hype of a decade. This can reflect over the opinions of the people over the crypto and relevant topics which eventually can take a toll over the number of people who are drawn in towards crypto. The unpredictable behavior of the cryptocurrency has the most of the population rattled as they are hesitant to delve into the crypto world.

BlockPublisher was keen enough to pick up on some words by the man himself as he pondered over the very chronological crisis.

Crypto has always shown a non-laminar trend. People didn’t buy it before because it was expensive. Now that it is cheaper, people are reluctant to buy it.

Cryptos have been regarded as treading the path of development and they have acquired a brief mass of population as its supporters. The rest of the authorities and people are immensely reluctant towards both accepting cryptos as the future digital currencies or as per NeuNer’s own words, as the digital gold. This is more like accepting the fact that the cryptos are financial units and just like the other monetary units, the likes of USD, can show abnormal trends with time which honestly speaking, is the bare truth.

The population which is hesitant to side with cryptos as the future supplant for the fiat is usually the one with a conventional school of thought or is simply not interested to pour its money into yet another treacherous venture. A LinkedIn Futurist and Medium Tech journalist, Michale Spencer focuses over the fact that even now that the year 2018 is marking the end of it, the crypto token economy has not achieved the beginning of mass widespread adoption. Without setting collective sights over the mass adoption of the cryptos altogether, the current cryptos are tearing each other apart to become the top scalable dApp platforms and to be hailed as the standard bearers.

Though this approach is a decent one as competition always yields the best-carved features out of the products, it is decent, timely. The recent times are crucial for cryptos as the crypto companies are yet to conjoin their heads together to build an aura for the newcomers who are yet to be proven that crypto really bears the potential of being the financial juggernaut and the epitome of a monetary unit.

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