A Subset of Population Already Considers Bitcoin as Digital Gold, Explains Founder Adamant Capital

Tuur Demeester, the founder of Adamant Capital, describes the recent school of thought among the people which is surprisingly more diverted in favor of the cryptocurrencies. As Tuur states, a much larger part of the human population around the world considers bitcoin as the digital gold. This obviously means people are willing to buy into bitcoin being the standard of the monetary value, a place occupied by gold since the beginning of eras. Demeester states about the certain population which has leaned towards accepting bitcoin as the new standard bearer for a basic worth.

While talking to BlockPublisher, Demeester resorted to declaring bitcoin as his favorite up and coming digital gold.

As the case with gold, part of the global population has also accepted bitcoin as the new digital gold, the new standard to weigh in a financial value against. The population is keen enough to reflect the crypto acceptance in a way that they judge a business, venture or an investment from the revenue or the straight cash which can be returned as pure bitcoin assets. We are on the verge to jump into the era of the digital financial systems with quite a significant gait.

Though gold has been hailed as the standard bearer for monetary standards, there were more precious entities present at the time when the vintage folks resorted to cheering for gold as the one. The same case is up for grabs as the need for a newer standard has never been so much of a point-blank necessity. The physical system has provided us quite a framework from the beginning of times to date but the security protocols have been so much experimented with, they are more prone to a massive disaster and can take a huge toll over the monetary systems even over a national scale.

Now comes the age of digitally operated systems, virtual marketplaces, and vendors with a rather supreme quality of security precautionary systems igniting the need of a financial standard that is itself equipped with similar “decentralized” features (which the blockchain technology provides, of course). For this, we have to look no further than the genesis cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

The current systems have rendered the just and transparent transactions unjust, which travel to you after being viewed by a vast number of either incumbent authorities or the hackers awaiting easy prey. The incumbent authorities have been circulating finance their own way up till now which has to be changed in a decent manner. Roger Ver, a renowned investor has put a label over the governments as decisive entities and controlling the coercion monopoly. Only the higher people are allowed to control the wealth without the poor taking any whiff or notice about the great deals that happen behind their backs.

Any sort of monopoly is bad and so is coaxing a regular person to act upon someone else’s will. Government authorities and officials do this by controlling the majority of resources of regular people; they also inhibit transparency and persuade random folks to do what they desire without them taking a hint.

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